liv tyler bag dilemma

  1. hi everyone! i'm a newbie so i'm still feeling my way through this site.

    i am getting my first ever prada bag and i'm liking the "liv tyler antic bag" but i don't know which size she has. i've already gone to the prada stores in new york and they only have two sizes of the bag. the smaller one looks too sausagey and long while the bigger size is vertically longer than what ms. tyler has. that leaves me to think: was there a limited edition of this particular arm candy? ms. tyler's bag has a richer and darker caramelized burnt color details on it. the sales associates at prada told me they only issued to sizes for this particular bag.

    help me fellow baggies, pretty please.:rolleyes:
  2. thank you for responding ladysalesrep195!

    your avatar looks more like ms. tyler's bag than the ones on the links. in fact, the bag on the links is the one i've been looking at in the prada stores here in new york. basing from the pictures, liv's bag is much bigger than the ones in the links and in the stores. i sooooo want this bag hence the eagerness to find the real liv tyler bag. i hope you understand it was very kind of you to put in your time and effort into enlightening me regarding the bag.
  3. here are two pics, maybe it's easier to tell then.


    1167.jpg 1167b.jpg
  4. That link is the same bag she is carrying.


    It's obviously not as deep as you are thinking it is from her photos. It is very slouchy when not over-stuffed. Maybe the ones at the Prada store have too much packing inside to get a real idea of it's shape?

    There are a lot of stars who toted this same bag. Here is Elizabeth Shue with it:


    Here is the other version being toted by HSM's Ashley Tisdale which is much deeper:


    They also make a bowler shape which Padparasha just bought with the same antic cervo coloring in this thread:



    The bowler is my favorite shape.
  5. i think elizabeth shue's is a different shape, kinda half moon shape. i saw one in real life.
  6. I thought so at first too, but you can clearly see the flaps on the sides pushed in where it's slouched and it's not a bowler shape like I posted photos of. If she were toting it by the shoulder strap it would be stretched out and shaped like Liv's.
  7. I assumed there was a Satchel version, like mine in my avatar, a Tote version like Ashley's then the Bowler version.
  8. bagmann -- the east/west bags do look longer (like Liv's) when they have one or two heavy things in them and are not all plumped up evenly with tissue paper, like they are in the stores (or many photos of them). My east/west gauffre definitely does the looking deeper thing too and has about the same shape. It's what you put in them that makes the difference.
  9. oh, i see.

    but here is the one i was talking about:

    i think the cocoa antik cervo came in a lot of different shapes.

  10. thanks everyone for your time. i'm deeply greatfl