littlearth handbags...

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  1. I noticed everyone here loves to talk about their favorite names in the wide world of handbags!

    My fav purses are from Littlearth.

    They are unique and fun. :nuts:
    Depending on what you prefer... can get a designer Swarovski crystal handbag
    ..or a cool fun license plate purse!

    I got a designer handbag recently to add to my collection and I wanted to know what other people thought of it... here's the link to bag I just bought

    I would love feedback! Thanks...
  2. I saw a cool boutique in carmel (ca) when I was out there that had a whole wall of littlearth bags and they were beautiful and I have been kicking myself for not picking one up!
    I like the one you purchased altho the one I wanted was round.
  3. I think its cute!
  4. I have round ones too... but I have 2 different size bags
    Both are custom made tho, I sent in an old license plate that belonged to one of my parents and they made me a purse from it! :biggrin:

    [​IMG] (one of them)
  5. I think uneak = CrazyPurseLady. IPs match, too. Please, if you're out to spamming your products, try to be a little smarter about it.
  6. P.S. We do not allow multiple registrations per user.
  7. Well not sure if she is a spammer but I sure am not and I am from Pittsburgh too..the little earth products are AWESOME!! I get so many compliments on my liscene plate purse....still will never get me to stop wearin my delectable designer purses :biggrin:
  8. Nah, spamming is a little far fetched, I'm glad that a designer comes out and asks for feedback. But making statements from the same person and pretending to be bummed over not having bought one, that's a little lame in my book.
  9. oh I'm so glad I saw this ... I purchased a couple decked out "canister bags" and wasn't quite sure how well known they were ... I luv em! The casino and california bag are my favorite. The little earth bag with the sun bather is great also.
  10. I saw a girl with something similar to this last year --

    Purses made out of ducktape, blank walmart totes that girls hot glued their names to, and empty CapriSun drinks were also a hit at my old high school lol The things people think of these days. Some of them were actually kind of cute though!
  11. all of these novelty bags remind me of isabella fiore, in her old days...what do you think?
  12. I have a Las Vegas Licence plate bag, Got lots of compliments. I lke excentric bags that are different.