little yorkie is in HEAT- what to do

  1. my little yorkie (about 14months) is in heat for the first time. meanwhile, i made a diaper out of a training pad for her. also, i have researched and know that my dog can be in heat for up to 3 weeks- so should i get her a dog diaper?
    i search on eBay and there are several types...

    or those in Petsmart, walmart?

    please help

  2. My boston went thru heat, and some days bled more than others. I had her crate trained, so we just kept her in that unless we were out exercising or cuddling on the couch. (The crate was in the living room with us).

    It was not too bad, so we never did diapers. I also dont recall it lasting too terribly long (not months)...

    Maybe someone with more exp. can chime in....
  3. I managed to time the spaying appointment *poorly* (lol) for two of my doxies. I used diapers for both and both times it worked like a champ. Got the diapers from Petsmart - about $20 US. Good luck! :smile:
  4. diapers will be really useful..although has your baby been bleeding much? usually w/ smaller breeds our ours (i have a small maltese) they do not bleed as maybe you are worrying more than you should. my friend has a chihuahua and when she is in heat, u cant even see the blood..the only sign is that you can see she is a bit swollen "there"..other than diapers, there is really not much you can do..just have to ride it out. also, be very careful to keep her away from other un neutered male dogs!!
  5. thank you for all your reply
    yeah, i think im a little bit too much
    she is my little princess
    she is not bleeding much but will be about 1/2 blood spot every 5 min and she is pretty quiet today, which makes me even more worry.
    i got her a pack of 12 xs disposable diaper and she seems comfortable w it. i hope it wont drive her too bad like when i have mine:crybaby:
    thanks all
  6. my little bichon's heat cycle lasted over a month, and it was a lot of blood....she seemed uncomfortable and in pain, she'd sleep with the bottom half of her body raised up against a pillow.:sad: Massage her belly and give her delicious treats.
  7. We adopted a Chihuahua mix and she was in heat before we could get her spayed. She had a lot of bleeding, but the vet said it was normal. She was also very swollen - it looked like a full sized marshmallow! We kept her in doggie diapers from Petco or on a towel. We cleaned up a lot of blood during the 2.5 weeks that she bled.

    Also, we have two male dogs that are both neutered and they went crazy during her heat. I never want to go through that experience again. We got her spayed as soon as we could following the end of her heat cycle.
  8. I have a yorkie as well and she been in heat 4 times. We did get her a diaper, but she takes it off and I don't like to force it on her because she usually licks her ... and I would feel really bad if I would get in the way of her instincts. So, I rarely use it.


    I just put an old blanket over my bed and then just wash it after everything is over.
  9. Honestly, I would get her spayed.

    I took my dogs in for dentals today and was talking to one of the vet techs about all of the health benefits of spaying and neutering...I didn't know there were so many!!
  10. I couldn't agree more.
    It's crucial to have your pets spayed/neutered.
  11. I agree, please get her spayed. It's much cleaner and I heard that the dogs will last longer if you do.

  12. I :heart: U. :flowers:
  13. I used the diapers fro my chihuahua but she would chew on them to take them off so after a while, I just gave up. I put old towels on my bed and just cleaned it when she wasn't in heat anymore as well.

    Also, please get her spayed! I agree with what babieejae1101 said, I also got my Chihuahua spayed in December. :smile:
  14. Yup, spaying helps prevent certain kinds of cancer......
    Not just of the organs the spaying effects, either.
  15. A dog diaper is a MUST, and you need to make sure she keeps it on, or she will learn its "ok" to take it off like my Mariah did! Start early, dont wait until next time. Make sure the diaper fits well, or it will slip right off on a little dog. They are only like $20.00 and you can just buy some cheap panty liners from the store for replacement pads.

    Mariah knows to stay off of things when she is in heat, but we cant seem to keep her off of our bed, so we just throw an old blanket over the top of our bed and bleach it often. If you decide against the diaper, they usually keep themselves pretty clean.

    I would recommend spaying, of course that helps with the problem. But if you dont want to, I totally understand!