Little White Spots Teeny Tiny on my new Blue Jean Birkin

  1. Hi there! If I recall correctly another Purse Forum Member has had a similar problem with her bag??? I have a Togo 30cm BJ Birkin which I purchased in March this year. I love her. I noticed some white dots on the bottom of my bag sometime ago just on one side - quite small - and assuming these were just dust flecks used a damp cloth to remove them. This seemed to do the trick. However, today I noticed they were back. As I live in central Paris when out I was able to drop by the FSH store.

    They were very kind and I was taken to the back of the store where the bottom was cleaned by a craftsman in the saddlery. The marks appeared to go but having left the shop - no more than 20 mins later - I checked the bottom of my bag and the damn things were back! I will of course go back on Monday to have this problem sorted out. Its very strange. My bag is pristine and hasn't been used very often these spots seem to have grown from within. They are tiny appearing in the little folds of the grainy togo.

    Any feed back or advice from you ladies would be so appreciated.:tup: As at the moment I am pretty sad about my beautiful baby...:sad::confused1:
  2. That is very odd. Never heard of it before! I am sure they will take care of it for you or maybe replace it if you insist. Sorry to hear this.
  3. ^^^^ What a lovely collection!!
  4. Thanks rose! :smile:
  5. Do you keep the bag somewhere where it would collect moisture?
  6. No - I live in Paris and its pretty dry in my apartment and although its been a wet summer, it tends to be dry rather than humid outside and in. I haven't had this problem with my black Birkin from 2005. I don't think it could be mold - if that's what you think? I will keep an eye on the spots over the weekend and will definitely take it in to FSH again on Monday.
  7. Yes, I have to say that´s what came to mind. I´m sure they will help you get to the bottom of it at H.
  8. Thanks Nola! BTW is that your cat in your avatar? I love her/him!
  9. Im sure FHS will cerrect the problem
  10. I hope you can get it sorted out!
  11. When someone posted about this the other day, it made me take a really close look at the leather on some of my bags (much closer than I'd ever done before and I consider myself a slightly-obsessed detail person - LOL).

    I saw some of the little dots on several of them - various leathers too. I think the verdict from Claude was that it was tiny specks of wax coming to the surface. But I never would have noticed them unless I'd gone searching for them and I don't think they detract from the leather at all. Unless you're purposely trying to find them, I don't think you'd ever see them.

    I'm sorry if they bother you though. But maybe just knowing that they're not uncommon will make you feel a little better.
  12. style101 - thanks for your feedback! I appreciate it. You're right they are not that noticeable. I recall another poster mentioning Claude at Hermes in NYC and his take on what could be also my problem. I did actually ask to the 2 lovely people assisting me at Hermes today whether the specks could be wax. And they kind of looked at me blankly. I will go back though I don't want another bag or anything like that I'd just really like to know what these specks are.

    Having just looked at my bag and gently rubbing one of the specks with my fingernail it appeared to be coming out of the leather. This seems very much like Claude's wax theory. (Eww! Alien micro worm Birkin bag infestation! - I jest!).

    Thanks for all the feedback! I'll report back from FSH later.
  13. I too think it is a wax/surfacing issue.
  14. Just a quick update - the little spots are still present, but appear to have moved and some disappeared since Dominique cleaned the area of my birkin at FSH. I took my black birkin in for a spa visit on Monday afternoon and they wanted me to leave my BJ baby with them to see whether they could once more clean the bag's base. However, as my Black Birkin will take a massive 10 weeks to be serviced, they understood that I was reluctant to be totally birkinless for the summer! I am going to monitor the situation and if it worsens of course I will beat a hasty path to the mothership. Having heard about the wax/surfacing issue in these threads, I am a bit calmer about the whole thing and kind of cool about it.
  15. grill it was me who asked about this earlier. if you have any news about it please let me know. right now im ignoring it and just considering it to be wax as Claude suggested. it really cant be much else, right? its not noticeable and perhaps when the bag goes to the spa they can recondition or something? apparently this isnt very uncommon.