Little white lies.....

  1. I just wondering since many of us have multiple designer bags which can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. Do you share with your family, husband, sig. other, bf, etc. how much the bags actually cost???? Or do you shave a few hundred.....thousand off the actual price?

    My husband is pretty clueless to the cost of designer bags, minus the obvious ones like LV/Chanel. Those he knows about for the obvious reason (the markings on them)
  2. my bf gets annoyed at how much i spend cuz i blow ALL mymoney. so i usually dont mention the price or say it was on sale.. cuz its just not worth it
  3. i always have to cut down the price a little when i tell my mom...or if i can i'll just tell her i can't remember. It always makes me feel uncomfortable when people ask how much.
  4. My husband knows & he's the only family member that needs to, in my case.
  5. my husband realizes but i tell him usually within a hundred or so dollars what something cost

    which is close enough for comfort

    or if something was like 600 i tell him ohh it was like 5 with tax and shipping
  6. They are more like BIG GIANT!!ROFLMAO!!!!!

    I hide my bags...and what they cost as much as possible!!..but he always figures it he pays all the bills and I dont work..LOL..OH well...I try.....
  7. Thank goodness that when my DH and I go to LV, they don't put prices out, so when he looks around (usually at the small items in the cases) he admires while I shop. He knows that everything in there is $$$$, but never really says anything. He did notice that the Framboise Bedford that I was carrying was on display last time we were in LV, and he remarked how pretty the bag was!
    But I do admit to price shaving when asked about how much things cost in my closet by my DH. That's why dustbags are a must!
  8. It depends on a price, but most times i take off couple hundreds:smile: My BF thinks i dont need THAT many bags especialy when they cost so much, but he is learning to be okay with it:smile:
  9. Thank doG, no.

    I make my own money and since I know that my BF would be distressed to know how much I spend on things that he considers to be totally unecessary (haircare, skincare, shoes, purses, misc. "girly" stuff) he doesn't ask and I don't tell.

    And I don't consider it to be anyone else's business what I spend. If I find a great sale or something that I consider to be really great service for a low price, I will tell people if I think that they would be interested in purchasing that item or using that service, but otherwise I would not answer someone who asks what things cost.
  10. It's too late for me ... Before I started buying all this stuff, my SO already know how much they are because I would talk to him about them ... However, he can't tell real from fake ...
  11. I tend to work on a sliding scale (full price if the bag is a couple hundreds and take a few hundred off if it's a thousand or more). I make these purchases with my own money so no one can say anything. But my boyfriend would guilt trip me at times by casually mention how many Maui vacations we can take if I cut down on the bag buying...
  12. I think it is extremely rude to ask people how much something they own costs.
  13. my bf usually knows the price.. my friends will know the price.. my mom on the other hand, i'll tell her either my bf helped me pay or i won't tell her the actual price i paid. i might reduce it or say i got some kind of discount on it. :shame:
  14. My husband knows how much they were, but I wouldn't tell other people. In my family we have an unspoken rule about not asking how much things cost--I think it's tacky.

    If someone who is genuinely interested in handbags asks me, I might tell them a ballpark figure. If someone is just being nosy, I change the subject--it's none of their business!!!
  15. I tell people if they ask, but it's not a topic I want to bring up, because I know a lot of people in my family will think it's insanity.