Little visit to Chanel today!

  1. Went today and tried on a few things, saw the Bubble Quilt Bowler and fell inlove! However, my SA said it's very delicate so that leaves it out for me no matter how hard I tried to justify it! She didn't have a jumbo flap in brown caviar so didn't get a bag today, however was tempted for the Red expandable tote, but just received my Brown PST (will post pics). Anyway been wanting the earrings that we have been seeing latley and left with those :yahoo: Very cute, they are the medium size.

  2. ^ Lovely earrings! Looking forward to pics of your PST.
    Double congrats & enjoy. =)
  3. nice earrings
  4. Pretty!! Congrats...
  5. Chanel 255 and Hat.jpg I love those earrings, they are beautiful....:yes:
    I was at Chanel today and look what I got..:p
  6. Great earrings, CONGRATS!;)
  7. they'r darling!
  8. OH I love these! How much are they?

  9. very cute!
  10. Great earrings. I am thinkng of getting some. I hope you like them.
  11. Very pretty, enjoy!
  12. Congrats...that earring is gorgeous. I love mine so much
  13. They are $225 they also come in a smaller size for $190 but I liked the bigger ones, I was suprised how big they are!
  14. very nice!
  15. Very pretty, enjoy!