Little Vent about Let-Trade

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  1. First, let me say that I've been a repeat customer of theirs and have bought mutiple bags, this is the fist negative experience I have. I know there are lots of fellow tPFers who have nothing but great experience with them. I am only telling my story so you will be aware that the same thing may happen to you.

    I bought a bag from their website, as usal, everything went through, I paid through Paypal, and I checked immediately aftewards to make sure the item was removed from the 'available' list to the 'recently sold' list, and it was.

    I was so excited and kept looking forward to hearing from them that my bag was on its way. Well, I got an email from them a day later, saying someone else had bought the item before I did,and they refunded my money. I checked their eBay listing, the same item was purchased a whole 7 hours after I bought it on their website, how could it be? They wrote back with a very crypted message, saying they didn't understand, it didn't go to the higher bidder, and will look into it.

    Later on that day, they wrote back to me, simplying saying someone else had bought the item from their website but his/her transaction didn't remove the listing from their website, but perhaps mine did.:confused1::sad::confused1:

    How reliable is their system? I'd understand they didn't have time to remove the eBay listing but even their own website is not reliable in preventing the same item from being sold to multiple customers??? For all I know there might have been other customers who thought they had purchased that bag!?! I now konw how the eBay customer must feel - that she got a good deal, only to be told later 'We are sorry'.

    It's very frustrating and disappoiting to have to deal with a situation like this. If I hadn't thought for a day that I was finally going to get my dream bag I wouldn't have felt as disappointed.
  2. Sorry to hear about what happen to you.

    I've never used or heard of Let Trade until recently.
  3. what bag were you buying? I've used them twice and had good service both times
  4. Sorry that happened to you!! Let trade is great, but I think their system could work a bit better
  5. I'll keep this in mind if I ever decide to buy from them...
  6. Sorry to hear that, I don't like that they post same item on the both sites. It made me nervous sometimes.
  7. maybe the person that takes care of ebay didn't communicate well with the person from the website (I believe it may be 2 different persons). let-trade is overall an honest seller. also if on ebay your listing is ending in less than 12 hours you can't end the auction. This is maybe the explication.
  8. Sorry to hear about your disappointment, and thanks for sharing.
  9. Aww that sucks! I had something weird like that happen with amazon where I bought something from a private party and I never got the book. Then several weeks later the lady said she shipped it to me and I was like, uh I don't live in Arizona, I live in Wisconsin! So somehow the system allowed another person AND me buy the book, but we had both paid! I never got the book so I had to wait around waiting for a refund. It just boggles my mind how that could have happened.

    OT: does anyone know what's going on with LT's website? I haven't been able to access it for the last three days. Is it just me or anyone else have that issue too?
  10. I am sorry to hear that. I am sure because of the time difference these things do happen. I don't think transaction get moved from avaialble to sold list on their own. Or do they? I thought it was done manually.

    Maybe ask them if they can locate the same bag for you?
  11. I've purchased from them many times but i just simply email them with the item i'm looking to buy, make a deal with them and send them money right away. i dont use the buy it now on their site or ebay.
  12. That's unlucky for you.

    What if the other person paid first though without pressing the button? There could be a multitude of reasons why, unless their system is just plain botched.

    At least Let-Trade is kind enough to offer apologies and a refund right away.

    Hope things look up for you.
  13. Did you receive an email from them that you had won it and paid? Or no contact from them? Sorry about it i would be very upset, what bag was it?
  14. Wow I guess it proves that lt is only human :s
  15. The mishap had nothing to do with eBay. When they said someone else had bought the bag I thought they meant eBay as I believe on their website, it is supposed to move the item to 'Sold' automatically now - it used to be manual. So what they were saying basically is that their website is flawed, still. There is nothing 'human' about this mistake either, it's purely how their website is NOT programmed to take care of purchases the right way.

    Also their policy is 'first pay first get' so I would not trust the whole emailing back and forth thing. While you are emailing them someone else can buy the item online.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.