Little upset

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  1. After looking at the cell case from palm thread, I decided to call coach and see what they could tell me about it. The SA, told me that I would have to call again in the morning, I was okay with that but the I asked him if they had more. He said that if I would just check in the accessory and I would find them. There is nothing there. Why would he tell me like if I was a total dork, but he did not know any better. I am just ranting here. But does anyone know if we can find anymore cell cases?
  2. lol Tangerine...we posted @ the same time:P
  3. lol we're right on the ball :tup:
  4. Yeah that's true. I just recently purchased one through the Palm website. They're still a fairly good deal with shipping added. I got mine for about $50, sent to Canada. :smile:
  5. Yeah that is the one I am talking about. I wanted to know if COACH had one, or other, he just told me to check the website. I love that but I wonder if it would fit my centro or would the size make a difference and bother me.
  6. I don't think Coach has any current cell phone cases other than the one on the Palm site. What are the dimensions of your phone? If it's a bit longer/shorter than the length of the case the flap does adjust to fit somewhat.
  7. if anything my phone is small. Here are the measurements 4.2" x 2.1" x 0.7". I really like it. I would only pay 35 dollars for it. Considering that another case are like 20.00 +. So i figure that is not that bad. I just do not want to have it, and then not use it. I hope someone bought it for the PALM Centro and tell me how it went.
  8. I do not have this case but I do know that the Centro is considerably smaller than the Treo 680. IMO the case would have a lot of extra room left after the phone is in it. HTH!
  9. My Blackberry Curve and my new Olympus Digital camera both fit in there easily and they are slightly larger than the Treo even!
  10. Your phone is just a bit bigger than my blackberry pearl and I use the case for mine. The thing is there is extra room in the case but honestly that doesn't bother me because then I throw the headphones in there as well. But if you want it to fit perfectly this case would probably be too big for your phone
  11. Maybe I should get it. I only have to pay 35.00 for it and I do not thing that it is bad at all. If anything I can return it. Thanks ladies for all your help.:tup: