Little upset with a Coach SA

  1. I went to the Coach boutique at SCP yesterday to exchange a purse for my mom. I was with my little cousin (she's 4) and was browsing around the entire store. A lot of the SAs were really nice asking me if I needed help and was friendly with my cousins asking for her name, age, things of that nature. One SA asked if she wanted a sticker and her being shy she said no. So I said maybe she'll want one later. So I go to the counter to do the exchange and the SA at the register wasn't friendly at all. She even kind of accused me of wanting to return one bag and buy it back later with PCE. Because I had asked her if we got a call that certain people could come the day before PCE started. But I wasn't even returning I was exchanging. So then I remembered to ask for a sticker for my cousin, and that SA looks at me for a second and LIES to me. Tells me, 'No sorry we don't have any stickers'. Now I'm thinking WTF? The other SA just offered me one and she's telling me NO? So I go find the other SA and tell her my cousin wants a sticker now. She's only 4, but she remembered about the sticker. I asked her if she still wanted it, she told me, well you said later. So I asked the SA that offered, and she went behind the counter and gave her a sticker. My cousin puts it on her hand and kept it there the entire day.

    I was soooo upset. It's just a sticker for a little girl!! What's wrong with her! Accusing me of trying to return and use PCE later, and denying a sticker? I don't even have intentions of buying another purse, I'm only going to use PCE for accessories for Xmas gifts. I just had to rant. *sigh*
  2. I'm so sorry for the horrible customer service you had to deal with. :flowers:
  3. Ugh. I would have asked to see a manager and told her how rude she was being. I can't stand bad customer service. There's just no excuse for it.
  4. Oh, that's terrible! I was in a store about a month ago and they were SO nice to my 3 year old daughter. They gave her a SHEET of stickers and then gave her a drawstring accessory bag so she could have her own Coach "purse". now, THAT's customer service. You can bet I'll be returning to shop at that store whether my daughter is with me or not!
  5. I'd discuss this with the manager. That's uncalled for!
  6. Ick! Why would she be mean to an innocent child? Some people I'll tell ya....I'm sorry you had a bad experience. I would have just asked for another SA. That's really sweet that your cousin wore the sticker that was given to her all day. That's soo cute! And as for accusing you wrongly, well that calls for a little talk w/ her manager...seriously, you spend good money there, why should you be treated like a criminal?
  7. Sorry you had such a bad experience. I would speak to a manager...... watch she is one of the managers.... geez
    It's the other way around @ my local store, they are WAY too nice and it makes you want to buy even more!!!!
  8. Ick! I hate when the SA's are snotty at coach. I guess she was having a bad day but still, dont take it out on a little kid!
  9. GEEZ!!!! She's a little girl who wanted a sticker! That SA has NO personality! I think you should talk to a manager as well....little girls are future Coach shoppers! They wont want to lose your cousin as a customer in 10 years!!!!!
  10. This the problem with many people... she maybe think that she is the owner of the store. I think you should complain about that because the times I went to the store they was nice with me (what is not the same that they want to be nice... is just that they NEED to be nice). I am sure when they hire the employees they tell them about be nice with the customers because go to that store is not the same that go to the market and buy groceries... if you go there is for spend a lot of money! So they need to keep their customers. Why you think that the return policy is so good? just because they need to make the customers happy!
    For that I think that the lady was doing something very bad. Just call and complain.
  11. Yes, I was one day with my baby and he was being upset so the SA gave him a lollipop!
  12. Why didn't you say anything while you were at the store? It baffles me why people don't stand up for themselves:confused1:
  13. That sucks that you were treated so bad. Some people just are not nice. At least the other SA's were good to you and your little cousin. I hope the nasty SA doesn't have any kids of her own.
  14. EWWWW! I can't stand icky people!
  15. That stinks, I don't get why it is so hard for some people just to be decent and nice, and when there is a kid involved? BTW I think the reason some people, myself def. included :shame:, don't speak up at the time someone is being nasty is that we are conditioned to be "nice" and are shocked and taken aback at someone else's poor behavior. Plus the op was with a little girl, you can't start a scene in front of a child, just imho though.