Little unexpected souvenir from LV

Guy Chanon

Jul 18, 2018
Today I visited my local Louis Vuitton boutique in Siam Paragon department store in Bangkok, Thailand which is a couple of days after the Virgil's SS19 event. In front of the boutique there was a little LED installation displaying shades of rainbow and graphics (see photos below). I was encouraged by a member of staff to take a photo in it. So I did. When I finished they gave me these lovely LV stickers (see photos below). It was truly unexpected but made me very happy ;)

However, I think it's a bit weird as I haven't seen anyone here mention having the same experience or getting the same stickers. The thing is, after close inspection, these stickers seems to be something DIT (Do-it-themselves) by lovely staffs at the boutique as the quality was far from perfect with rough cuttings and uneven lines. Which lead me into thinking that this is something done only at this particular boutique?

Anyway, if you have had the same experience, please feel free to share. And as for those sticker, I plan to stick it to my Pochette Voyage as I think it would look cool and unique too :biggrin:


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