Little treat from DH ^_^

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  1. Went shopping last Saturday with DH and the little one.

    I quickly checked the Mulberry corner in House of Fraser and got home with : a small fuschia Mabel :yahoo:
    She really caught my eye the first time I saw her and I think it was the last one!

    First, I wasn't sure and was considering the Somerset shoulder bag too but I'm glad I went for a bit of colour :heart:

    So, courtesy of DH, here's my new Mulberry :smile:
    Some marks here and there but I love her!

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  2. Fab- what a lovely bag and Dh you've got!
  3. Oh Palachan, she is GORGEOUS!!!
  4. Absolutely stunning! Lovely DH too :yes:
  5. Fab colour! How lovely of DH.
  6. Congrats! She is beautiful :smile:
  7. Congrats :yahoo: Lovely bag :tup:

    Have they marked them down further?
  8. Ahh that's a cute bag.
  9. Congrats on such a lovely little bag! And, I just have to say, you're sooo lucky having a DH who will buy you a handbag!!
  10. Lovely!!
  11. Hi Ditab, the bag was 50% discounted + a 20% extra discount :smile:
  12. Thanks ladies!
    I have to say I'm very pleased with small Mabel, will take her with me to France at the end of the week :smile:

    DH told me 'It's easy to make you happy, we just have to get you a cute pinky handbag!' :P
  13. Lovely bag! Congratulations!
  14. Just lovely Palachan!!!! Congrats on a great bag AND DH!!!!!
  15. Wow, what a bargain :yahoo: Was the 20% extra discount due to you being a cardholder or was it available to everyone? Sorry for all the questions - I'm trying to track down a half price Maggie clutch. I know they went into the sale but I can't find one anywhere now :crybaby: Thought I might try HoF tomorrow :tup: