Little tote ... What could it have been?

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  1. Happened to stop by the LV boutique today ... just to absorb the atmosphere. :smile:
    Really didn't have time to stop and the store was packed.
    Spotted a little tote, way up top.
    It was monogram canvas ... a bit smaller than the MC speedy 25 displayed on the shelf just below it ...
    It looked like it would be open top ... two straps / handles ...
    Wish I could've spent more time. It was so cute!
    What could it have been?
  2. Look on, you'll probably spot it. And by MC do you mean Multicolore or Monogram? Around here MC means Multicolore, generally.
  3. Hmmm... Neverfull PM?

  4. oops! *embarassed blush* ... i meant monogram.
    and i didn't see it on

    ... and not the neverfull PM ... nothing on the sides ... and the straps were plain, too.
    thought it might be the cabas piano ... but it looked smaller than the speedy.
  5. popincourt... ?

  6. Batignolles? I don't have a pic but you can look on the website...
  7. i just found it ... don't know why i didn't see it on Vuitton site before ... :p
    Vavin PM ... how cute it is!
    Will definitely have to get back to the store to confirm.
    A little bit small maybe?
    Neverfull PM looks really cute, too.
  8. Yeah I was thinking of the Vavin when I was going to check on this thread to see if you found what bag it was. The Vavin really is on the small side. :s
  9. It's really a cute bag with great compartments making it not too small. :smile:
  10. It'll work if you don't carry much, but i'd be worry about the open top :sweatdrop:
  11. ... yes, i was wondering about the open top as well.
    however, neverfull pm also has an open top ... with the little hook.
    cabas piano seems a little bit too big ...
    wondering about popincourt haut?

    am still intrigued by vavin pm for its cuteness, though.
  12. does Vavin PM have zipper inside?
  13. Please post these kinds of questions in the Identify This LV thread in the FAQs section. Thank you!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.