little stam

  1. hey ladies,
    the question may have been asked in a thread before but as i couldn't find any I would be happy to get some answers.

    Those who own little stams. -> How comfortable are they to wear?
    I'm trying to get one and I'm unsure about the chain on my shoulder (it might hurt a bit?)

  2. I was wondering the same thing. I'm considering one for those for the occasional evening out.
  3. doesn't hurt at all and kinda light too compared to the big stam
  4. thanks :smile: as I said I couldn't try it myself yet because the nearest shop is still far away here in Europe ;)

    which colour would you recommend?
  5. I really like black, as it's the most versatile, but if you're using it only occasionally, then a lighter color would work.
  6. i thought about a mouse one but i guess i can't get it anymore.
    maybe a cashew one then..

    thithi don't you have a little stam aswell?

    how do you like it when you are out clubbing?
  7. chain doesn't hurt but it is heavy. I use it for short trips out or as an evening bag.
  8. I don't find my baby stam heavy at's super comfortable to wear on my shoulder... :yes:

    This bag is PERFECT for clubbing...the leather is very durable and you don't need to baby it as much as other leather the bag is just HOT! :supacool: ;)

  9. that sounds great! so i think i will go for that baby ;)