Little Stam vs. Mayfair

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Which do you prefer?

  1. Little Stam

  2. Mayfair

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  1. Hi everyone,

    First off - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!
    Just wanted your opinion on the little Stam and the Mayfair. Which one would you buy and which one do you this is more of a day bag? If anyone has either bags, can you let me know what you like/dislike about the bag?

    Thanks so much!!

  2. I'm pretty biased (since I just got the Mayfair), so my vote goes to that one :smile:.
  3. I like the Little Stam. It screams classic MJ, and is a bit more girly.
  4. As a day bag, I would go with the Mayfair... but overall, I love the baby stam. It's a classic.
  5. Ack...that's a really hard choice but I went with the Mayfair. I've just been loving all of the Mayfairs members have gotten recently. They're such pretty bags!
  6. both?!?! the sales today are so good you can probably get both for the retail price of one, especially at Saks or Barneys...but if you must pick one, i'd say mayfair since it's the one i have...but little stam is a classic (i'll probably get one later next year in orange
  7. ^ I'd love both too!! :graucho:

    I still can't decide - I like the little Stam because it's classic, but the Mayfair seems so nice too (from Joke's photos!). But I feel that if I get the Mayfair now, I can always find a little Stam on eBay (whereas it may be harder to find a teal Mayfair on eBay)?

    Thanks for everyone's input so far!
  8. i like both too, but i think i prefer the little stam over the mayfair. it's cuter. :smile:
  9. I am biased also but I still say little stam. Easier access & oh so cute!

  10. i agree it will be harder to find a mayfair on ebay, especially in teal...if that's the color you want then you had better get the mayfair..i have that color and it's beautiful
  11. I own the Mayfair in Teal, and it seems fresher, more modern and sophisticated to me than the Little Stam, which is kind of cutesy and precious for my taste, and IMO is beginning to feel a bit dated. I should caution, however, that the Mayfair is probably too small for most people to use as an "everyday" bag. I consider it a bar/party/going-out-to-dinner purse, or for shopping/errands--whenever I want to downsize and carry a lighter bag.


  12. you are so right cosmo.....i used that bag today instead of my stam and trust me i noticed it....i won't be using her daily but when i go out etc and want a change.....i'm agal that carries alotta stuff a small pocket addy book, zip clutch, sunnies, makeup bag and a few extra stuff, i couldn't fit anything but the zip clucth, some makeup and mint, etc
  13. Do you ladies think that the Mayfair can be used as a day bag? I think I'm mainly looking for a bag that's good for daytime use more than an evening bag.

    And can anyone tell me what season the Mayfair is from? Is it Fall 07? I tried looking it up on the MJ site, but I think their site is kind of messed up now - they put some MbMJ bags in the Mj section!
  14. ^^Yep! It's a Fall 07 bag. :yes:
  15. Yes, its true that the Mayfair is small, but the Little Stam doesn't hold much either, I think. They probably hold about the same amount, I'm guessing.