Little Stam Python Handbag

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    look at that!!!it is gorgeous!!! i am really into it~~.but couldn't find out in either of these store online(nm,Saks,5th,ATP) ....have you gals seen this in mj stores??
  2. ^ Yes, I saw it at MJ boutique in LA. It's $895USD.
  3. not a fan of the python on the larger bags, but it aint so bad on the baby stams...


  5. 1) It looks better in real life. =)
    2) It's not leather. This bag belongs to FABRIC WITH PYTHON line.
    Here are some descriptions from online stores:
    brownsfashion - patent covered weave
    Saks - PVC-coated canvas
    shoptwigs - jute covered in pvc
  6. PVC??? ughhhhhhhhh
  7. ^ Yup, it's definitely not soft like his patent (Ursula) leather bags from s/s 06.

    The good news is that this bag shouldn't be hard to maintain. =)
  8. QUILTED FABRIC AND PYTHON Little Stam is available in Ivory, Beige, Light Grey, Navy, and Olive.

    Ivory is the best selling color at MJ boutiques (the last time I checked).
  9. is this heavy like the stam?
  10. I saw that one IRL in Paris and I was drooling over it, it is stunning IRL:love:
  11. so ,where can i get it online??by the way , i am in uk
  12. i found that luisaviaroma dose sell this python!!! ::: shopping on line
    dose any know this website?? is that safe to shop??or let's say , are they all authentic things there??
  13. ^ LVR is definitely safe to buy from, they sell authentic stuffs.
  14. thanks you so much, bag.lover!!!!
    you've always been so nice!!!it is really useful!!