LITTLE STAM! Can someone help me?

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  1. I was looking at the model your MJ's thread and the Little Stam struck my fancy, that thing is so cute!!!!!

    I was wondering, is the strap on the Little Stam detachable? It would be so cute if it could transform into a clutch without the strap...

    Also, where can I find this bag online?
    Net-a-porter is sold out, eBay has one that i'm currently *watching*.. but I was wondering if there are other online vendors? or... if youre looking to get rid of yours then i'd gladly help u with that! ;) (ha ha:push: ) But seriously though, you girls always seem to know of all online stores that are *trustworthy* so if you could lead me in the right way I would be so :wlae: happy!

    Thanks so much ladies!!!
  2. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    [​IMG] NEW
    Baby Stams
    From what I can tell these chains do not detach and I think that is what you are talking about when "making" a clutch...

    The Kid - Gold


    The Kid


    Pre-Order The Kid
  3. I think the chain on the kid does come off per's description (Removable chunky link chain shoulder strap with clasp attachments; 13" drop) but the chain on the 'little stam' which I have definitely does not.
  4. The chain on the Kid definately comes off and makes a darling handheld bag.
  5. Oh i'm sorry- to clarify, i was talking about Little Stam, without the handles, NOT The Kid :yes:

    I checked out Diabro and the price range is 800-890... I thought that the retail price for the Little Stam is 795, or did it go up?

    Thanks for your replies!
  6. And, it was this site that was so misleading it made me think the strap was detachable! :nogood:

    ^so that site is incorrect, the strap does NOT detach? Thanks!!
  7. again, i was talking about the little stam, without the handles..

    can anyone suggest which online vendors sell it? Besides diabro..

    Thanks so much!!!
  8. Hi Lvluv,

    the little stam without the handles, but with the chain does not dtach itself. You can find this bag on, at nordstrom, neiman marcus, saks, and many other sites. good luck in finding one you like, let us know what you get.