little something from Japan

  1. Here is a couple things from my trip to Japan. Nothing big but they are sweet! (and no..there was no birkin on display waiting for me..:crybaby:)

    Couldn't resist myself even in the airport...
    Pocket Square from LAX

    full view

    Owl key charm. From Kyoto Takashimaya
    (authenticity card?!!!! isn't that interesting).

    Oh and here is "what werid places have your Hermes bag been to.."

    Kelly riding on the train..

    um..yes...I took Kelly to feed deers...:wtf:
    (I LOOOVE that I am able to use the shoulder strap..messenger bag style)
  2. Love those pictures Fesdu! Love the train pic and especially feeding the sweet is that!
  3. What cute pictures. I love the scarf:tender:
  4. Ahh - I love your kelly, and the owl charm - cute!!! we should start a thread "weird places your hermes bag has been! I love the pic on the train......:lol:
  5. Lovely pics, Fesdu! :flowers:I love the pic of the Kelly on the train too!
  6. Love your new items and your Kelly! That owl is the cutest!!! :smile:
  7. Fesdu: the train and deer pictures are priceless!!!! Pocket square so cute, and owl simply precious:tender:

    can't wait to see more pix!!!
  8. awww, your kelly looked so alone on the train. Very cute pics. Thanks for posting.
  9. OMG, Fesdu these pics are GREAT! I LOVE the pic of Kelly on the train!!! Priceless!!!!!
  10. the deer picture is my personal favorite. cute owl & lovely scarf.
  11. Fesdu, the one with you and the deers are adorable (especially with the strap!) :P Congrats on your purchases!! :heart:
  12. You have heard it the picture on the train. YOur goodies are super! Love the can you not?
  13. I think we should make a thread of random places our bags have been with pics!! Too fun!
    Seriously, your Kelly is TDF and only makes me want one more!
    I've never seen that owl before - it's adorable and the pochette is, too!
    I can't believe those deers!!
  14. There's something artistic about that Kelly on the train photo. I love it!
  15. Greentea, are you officially back from vacation?