Little sister's new Chanel!!

  1. Hi...

    My little sister loves bags!!!!!
    She used to be a loyal Dior customer, but she suddenly thought she grew up:confused1:, and it's time for Chanel:p BTW, she's 11, but has a tiny body as a 7 year old!!

    I don't know what this bag is called, but I'm sure it's not new. So please help me out.

    Over here in Dubai we're dying for the sale, I don't know why it's so late this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She's modeling wearing pajamas lol




    It looks much smaller in person:yes:.
  2. it's definitely in caviar, i suppose it is a seasonal bag. i've not seen this before! it's unique ;)

    ps: your lil sis is so young!! LOL holy cow!
  3. oh this such a cutie!Congrats!:love:
    I'm afraid I have no idea about the name of the bag either!
  4. i have ssen this bag before- from early 2000-2001 I think your sister is very lucky to own Chanel at her age!
  5. I've seen this bag, but it was a while ago. Very cute, looks like it suits her, size wise.
  6. first chanel at 11! ~ my goodness she is starting early!
  7. OMG!!! So CUTE!!!!
  8. Thank You

    Hmmmm... 2001? Do you know the ligne?
  9. She's 11??!! Geez, do your parents want to adopt me?:smile:
  10. can have little sisters old bags???:nuts:
  11. She looks TINY! I've never seen that bag on her, it looks so cute!

    I served for a 12 year old birthday party at the country club I work at this past week. One of the girls there had a tiny tiny Chanel flap in white patent leather. It was so cute! Haha. I wanted to ask her about it, but she'd probably think I was a weirdo.
  12. Wow! lucky girl to be 11 and Chanel!
  13. COngrats to your lil sister.
  14. Lucky sis!
    That bag is sooooooo cute! I really like it. Name?
  15. awww cute bag!! it looks perfect for your sister!