Little Sister

  1. Yesterday I was at my parent's house and to my surprise, my little sister, calls me over to the laptop. She was perusing the MJ site and asking me questions about the blake and froggy clutch. My little sister has never loved purses or handbags, but I just thought it was just cute that she is showing an interest. It must of started when I gave her the MbMJ lovely clutch. :smile:
  2. Aww, that's great! It's so nice to find others that appreciate these things. How old is she?
  3. Lucky girl - my sis is a BRAT about handbags. :cursing: She REFUSES to understand that I like nice things, and that I don't go blowing tons of money (I sell things on eBay to break even), and that it's better for ME to have a high quality, beautiful handbag that lasts forever instead of pieces of crap, but she teases me about it and basically makes fun of me.

    AND THEN she begs for my hand-me-downs!!!!! :hysteric::hysteric:She drives me NUTS. When we were in the M by MJ store in Boston, she basically sat down on the banquette in the front and pouted for the 10 minutes I was there. Then she tried to rush me through choosing my little baubles (I was only getting a keychain/coinpurse), and I was FURIOUS!

    And then I'm in her room later and all of her bags are my hand-me-downs. Like, not MJ bags, but NICE stuff.


    Sorry to rant! But you're so lucky to have a sweet little sis that appreciates nice bags. My sis makes me want to scream sometimes! Oh, and for reference, my sister is 23. Old enough to KNOW BETTER!
  4. mslgurl, your sis is too cute!

    MPJ, sorry to hear about your little sister.

    I have never been crazy about bags until I found TPF while hunting for the MJ N/S quilted tote that I felt in love with and have since been able to converse in bag jargon, if you kwim.

    My sis has always been crazy about bags and shoes while I stick to clothes but I'm taking a break from clothes and venturing a lil into bags and all I can say is that my sis is elated because I have since helped her to adopt many bags on eBay helping her to expand her collection. She's not into MJ though. She's currently in a Prada phase and oh, I'm the little sis. :p
  5. my older sis just tells me i have a problem....and shakes her head..
  6. she's 21. when I gave her the clutch, she kept walking around with it positioning it..hehe

  7. sis makes fun of me too about my MJ purses. I buy her other purses or give her my old coach stuff, basically all the wallet. 21 is also old enough to know, but then I have to also deal with my mother wanting my purses as Like mother like daughter.
  8. I gave my younger sister a wallet for Christmas, which she loved... but she then asked for a purse to match. I told her how much it would cost and that that she needed to get that one herself. :roflmfao:She's happy with the wallet.;)
  9. hehe...
  10. I don't have any sisters, but I do have a 15 year old daughter that likes my handbags. I don't let her use my MJ's, but I did buy her a M by MJ bag for her birthday last year. It was one of the coated canvas, shiny with multicolor logos on it. Appropriate for her age. I have given her a lot of my bags that I no longer wear (Dooney, Coach, Lucky Brand, etc.) and she wears those. I know she would love to have my Cantaloupe Stella, but that is not happening. I don't like the idea of really young girls carrying expensive bags. I guess if you are super wealthy and you have been living like that since birth, it is ok. I want my daughter to realize that these bags are something you need to save and work for...not just handed to her. I am introducing her to handbags but, thankfully, she is not totally into them right now. I am sure that will probably change later on.
  11. sometimes i wish i had an older or younger sister that i could shop and obsess over handbags with. that's assuming that she would even be into those things, but stories like mpj's makes me realize that i'm content being an only child.

    mpj, i'm sorry to hear about the problems you've been having with your sister. it sounds very frustrating. have you tried not giving her your older bags? if your sister is going to be so unappreciative towards you, perhaps it would be better if you stopped being so nice to her in that regard?
  12. tadpole - I was totally venting - I think I made her sound much worse than she is. :shame:

    Let's put it this way: I love my little sister, she's my best friend in the entire world, but when I wrote that post, I had just gotten back from an extended weekend with her, RIGHT in the middle of her breaking up with her boyfriend of 4 years. So she was especially moody.

    OY! Sisters. I love her so much...but we are NIGHT and DAY!! :p

    I just got off the phone with her - she's my baby - but she can be a huge PITA! :shame:

    ETA: And I agree with you - the next bag she gets from me I will be requesting a "barter" instead of me just bestowing my bags upon her! :p
  13. I totally understand what your saying baby sister is moody also, but I love her. At my wedding, I'm having a sister dance, and we are dancing to Queen's - You're my best friend. When I read PITA, I was like...bread...duh...I get it. hehe
  14. Awwww! That's so sweet! My wedding was REALLY non-traditional, but she was my co-maid-of-honor (alongside my best girlfriend). :heart: No dancing (my husband and I didn't dance, either), but she stood up there for me and held my bouquet!

    Ah, great. Now I miss the little brat! :girlsigh:

    I love weddings - if we had stayed in SB, I was going to start my own business planning weddings. I guess it's weird I had a non-traditional one! :p

    ETA: :back2topic: Sawwy! I'm totally OT! :roflmfao:
  15. thats great that you are teaching her that she has to earn what she wants, rather than just giving "it" to her like many parents do. :yes: