LITTLE SCARED.. Question About Pegase

  1. I just bought a pegase and it looks hot!! I am going to Jordan this friday i cant frekin wait!!!:yahoo: I am countin down the days... Never been there since 11 years.. anyway i was so happy to get the pegase but my mom told me they might not let me carry the pegase as a carry on.. Now does anyone have any experience with the pegase.. Can it be a carry on.. and if not then i would have to check it in as a luggage.. If so is that dangerous.. maybe someone might steal it... I scared in the end i might no even take it...:sad:
  2. You know I asked almost the exact same question. I think you may want to check the airline requirement for carry-on. I have heard mix reviews about checking LV luggage. But on the airlines website and it will give you all the requirements.
  3. It depends on the size. The largest size that can be carried on is the Pegase 60, I believe.
  4. i have the pegase 60.. so that sounds like good news
  5. Definitely double check with the airline carrier. If the flights are full, airline carriers will sometimes restrict the number and size of carry-on items/luggage.
  6. For domestic flights I would not fret, I have checked in all sorts of small carry on LVs like my damier grimaud and my red tobago keepall. they both came back safely. I even checked in my pegase 60 and it was fine. International flights I have no idea on? Any body take thier luggage internationally?
  7. do check with the airline first. and enjoy your trip!
  8. I am pretty sure too, that it is the Pegase 60 that is the biggest one allowed as a carry-on. Just be one of the first to get on the plane.. so it isn't your carryon luggage that wil be restricted (if it the case on that particular flight). Have a great trip!
  9. I have the 60 and I've never had any problems with any flights whether they be domestic or international. Have fun on your trip!
  10. The Pegase 60 is fine for carry-on on domestic flights or US carriers to Europe. Within Europe the Pegase 50 is as large a carry-on as they will allow and since they only allow one piece of luggage (including purses or briefcases) then you would have to check it anyway.
  11. When i had my pegase i never had to check it. If they asked me to i most certainly wouldn't