Little sadsies...

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  1. Hello, lovely ladies.
    I just came back from Dubai couple of days ago, I went for a long awaited vacation and of course major shopping spree. And there was just one pair of Louboutins I wanted to buy - black patent new simples. I have them in nude and thats my ever-favourite pair of shoes. So I went to Dubai mall boutique, and SA brought me my shoes and i simply freaking died of dissapointment. The shoes looked like they were stored under pressure, they lost their shape and one of them looked a little bent. The quality of the shoes overall was so bad i wanted to cry. I don't know
    what happened to the brand but it's terrible. I didn't want to buy any other shoes in the boutique either. On some of them I saw the glue marks, even the strassed ones had flaws. I really liked fairytale python fifis on the picture, fairy tale python is incredible in other models, but IRL the coloring was different from the picture, the red was barely there, and actually it was more light pink. So that was another pair i could buy, but they were off as well.
    Maybe it's just me and i have just fallen out of love with Louboutins. It's so sad either way.
  2. I'm still in love with CLs but I can agree about the quality.. Sometimes at least! Who knows.. I've bought the BIBI I've harrived home and I've realized that the sole was not well atached to the shoe, the Bana patent had glue on the inside near the sole.. But others are simply perfect.. Maybe he have lost quality with the "classics"? The request is too high and they can't afford it maintaining the quality?:confused1::confused1::shrugs:
  3. And don't be mad, the bad storage is boutique fault I guess! But still it's not a food thing for the brand!!
  4. Yes, probably that could be the case. Normally there would be no shoes in my 37.5 size left because Dubai is like shopping Mecca for all the tourists and arabian women looooove great shoes, but even the fairytale python fifis which are out there for quite some time now were there in my very common size. And only 1 person wondering in the boutique.
    I don't know, two years ago louboutins looked like they were created with great care and endless passion. They were both fun and precious. Now a lot of them look like uninspiring tired golddiggers. Just another business trying to make it. Maybe Msr Louboutin lost his inspiration?
  5. Oh, surely it was boutique's fault.
  6. :0( Sad to hear... I know the feeling, my last purchase werent 100 procent perfect either.. I've seen before with other designers.. To much fame makes the guality go down sometimes!

    But I do love CL still ;0)
  7. Awwww, you made me realize that i still love all of my CLs, i cherish them endlessly, but current quality is killing me, really.
  8. I feel so stupid when I'm making a complaint on something minor. But the shoes cost so much (for me they do - with my ordinary job, 3 kids and so on) that I don't want to buy a shoe with flaws on them...!!

    You should come to Copenhagen!! The shoes I've seen there are perfect and the SA's are FANTASTIC :0)
  9. I don't think it's a matter of ispiration, or better, I hope it isn't! But for sure it's a fame thing as Chakern said! That's sad but I'm quite sure that is for the high request and less time, probably they skip some quality control or they are less demanding because they are going to sell anyway, at least the simplest ones! Don't know about the fairytale python :sad::sad::sad: could it be that they get ruined due to lots of girls trying they on?
  10. Nope, the shoes were new. It's just coloration, which i know is tricky with python and two different colors. Still, the pictures were amazeballs, not so much were those still very lovely fifis irl (((((
  11. I know, i forgot the ridiculous price increase (amidst quality decline).

    Copenhagen sounds great! :smile:)
  12. Tricky or not, they have to be perfect! It's what you expect when you look or better purchase them! :shucks:
  13. Are the prices higher now than before?? I've been on the CL market for 4 years and I don't remember them being cheaper..

    Cph is great but it's also guite new :0)