Little reveals

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  1. Just want to share my little reveal from Paris.;)

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  2. waw live reveal open open :woohoo:
  3. yay! front row and center! :popcorn:
  4. Hello H-jewel & Hanyeu. Thanks for dropping by.

    First of all inspire by Hanyeu, I wanted it too.

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  5. cute :love: love it

  6. super cute!
  7. Lovely!:popcorn:
  8. I'm here! Cute idole!
  9. No bag to reveal actually as my budget when to 'C'. Morever the queue to leather dept is long. I managed to get the bellavista really thanks to a kind H-angel in store. Hope she's one of the tpfer.

    However, I told my myself that can't leave FSH without any big orange box. Then I went up to level 2, where my little toddler enjoy the place very much & almost create a mess:faint:

    First I got this:

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  10. A live reveal! Love the Oran sandals!!!
  11. AndI totally fall in love with this pair:yahoo:

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  12. yay! welcome to the Porte Cles Quelle Idole club!

    the sandals and boots are lovely! congrats! :yahoo:
  13. Lovely purchases, enjoy them!!:flowers:
  14. Gorgeous! Love the boots!
  15. Congrats!