Little Red is comming to my house next week ...

  1. I just received phone call from Bergdorf Goodman this morning that they have got in some red lambskin classic with new bijou chain. I placed my order for the medium one which cost $1860. It's on my way to me soon. :nuts:

    If you looking for one, you could give it a call at BG.
  2. oh pretty! can't wait to see it! congrats!
  3. Oh thats great!
    love to see pics
  4. Wow, that sounds gorgeous, can't wait to see your pics, congratulations!
  5. I can't get ahold of anyone there, they are not picking up the call. I left a message though. Hope they will call me ASAP. Thanks for the headsup!
  6. That's great. I can't wait to see pics!
  7. Congrats! I can't wait to see it.
  8. Congrats!:yahoo:
  9. YAY!!!:yahoo: I can't wait to see your pics - but I'm also excited and can't wait to see it IRL.
  10. Ooooooooooooo...sounds GORGEOUS!! Can't wait to see pics!!! :yahoo:
  11. I finally got a hold of somebody there. Its on its way to me too! So excited! I've been waiting for this for ages!

  12. Congratulation! I saw the exact same at the trunk show already. So I know it'll be a keeper.
  13. I also got a call from BG for the red bag this morning and I am getting the red bag. My SA, Saskia told me that I was on the first on the waitlist and she got only 3 pieces of these bags. She told me that it was so gorgeous. BG's SAs, Gallina and Saskia are wonderful to work with. They carry a lot of exotic skin Chanel bags made of Ostrich and Python. If you want to waitlist the bags please let them know that "Young" refered to you. Then they know what it means.
  14. I guess we found the 3 buyers here huh? Mercerstreet, Iluvchanel and Missyiovely. Saskia and Galina was helping me as well! Congradulations to you all too! :yahoo:

  15. Congratulation to you too! So all three have sold. Last one sold to to missyiovely!