little purple-y goodness!!

  1. just a little something...i love purple and i love COACH, lmao!

    isn't this just the cutest tiny box?! :heart:


    my cute lanyard...i love it!


    i don't know why coach calls it "pink mix"'s really purple!!

  2. I love purple too!! This lanyard is so cute! Did you order it online or through your boutique??
  3. Very cute. Enjoy!
  4. cute cute! i have the keychain and lanyard bracelet of this style and LOVE LOVE it! Those gift boxes are TDF though, so tiny and cute!
  5. OOOH I think I need one I love Purple too :smile: Very cute box too
  6. I have lusted after that lanyard ever since I saw it! :drool: Unfortunately, my cell doesn't have an antenna! :tdown: Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. Perty purple...thanks for posting pics & describing the color more accurately!:tup:
  8. i'm going to take another picture when my batteries recharge...the pic above i had the flash on, but i swear this color is great!

    and rethreads, i almost got the bracelet style, but changed my mind in the long run...i was torn between the one i have now, the bracelet style and the legacy stripe w/the pink strap. obviously i got the purple one, but i think i want the legacy stripe keyfob now!
  9. lol keyfobs and cell lanyards are as big of an addiction as the bags if you ask me ;)

    I have a ton and i only want MORE lol

    That legacy one is super cute, I hope you get it!
  10. I love this!! I'm wanting a lanyard, should have gotten one during PCE but I was too darn undecided! This one is very pretty though!