Little purchase on a rainy day

  1. I went to the mall today just to *browse*, and came home with quite a few goodies... lots of cute clothes for my upcoming honeymoon cruise. I also dropped into Coach and saw the heart luggage tag, I couldnt resist scooping it up! [​IMG]

    For those of you that already have this, how do you use it? I dont think I'm gonna use it for luggage, waaaay to cute. Its gonna go on a bag i think!
  2. I think it would look super cute on something chocolate!! :smile:
  3. I have mine on my leather chocolate Carly. That's it for my Valentine decorating! I think it looks cute on the Carly, mine is the large size.
    I haven't seen it in any store, congrats on finding one!
  4. Oh that is going to look great on a bag :smile: Something black or brown :biggrin:
  5. i love that one!
  6. I think it looks great on a bag.. a bigger bag :tup: Congrats, I love it! :yes:
  7. [​IMG]

    here is a pic for you.
  8. [​IMG] here you go...
  9. here you go on a brown bag :smile:


    pretty :smile:

  10. I like that one!!! Great purchase!!
  11. great accessory...looks great on that bag!
  12. Wow. That bag and charm and bedspread look familiar ;) BTW, that's a medium Carly and I think it looks pretty good on there but it would look fab on a large Carly!
  13. Super cute tag - I need one of those too :shame:
  14. Love that heart charm. Great purchase! Looks really good on black or brown. Enjoy.
  15. I have mine on my pebbled leather ergo tote. I didn't like the brass tag on it though, so I took it off.