Little puppies really do attract girls!

  1. So heres my story, i'm only posting because I totally didnt see it coming today and before i knew it i got sucked in.

    I was at the dealership this morning picking up my car, had some maintenance done, and this guy pulls in for a carwash with the cutest little mini poodle. It was white with a pink sweater on...I really should have taken a picture, because that thing was wayyyy cute!! So i'm inside waiting for my service advisor and he comes in with his dog and one of the reception ladies was like i'm ooo thats such a cute dog! Hes like yea i'm like what kind of puppy is it? He says miniatue poodle...and he begins to tell me about how old it is blah blah and i'm making conversation at this point about a mini yorkie i had and all the bone brittleness issues the dog came with...and i'm still waiting for my advisor to come around. Next thing i know he's asking where i'm from and am still in school am i working...basically nothing to do with the little puppy. He goes on and tells me that he lives like two cities away from me and he's like yea we should hang out sometime...with our dogs. Dood my dog is like 5 times the size of his dog...and i'm like thinking uhh...sure my dog needs the company. He asks for me number...and then i was like OMG! How could i be sooo stupid!??! Thank god my advisor comes running aronud the corner apologizing for keeping me waiting. So i'm like ok...gotta go! bye!!:upsidedown:
  2. lol! they really are great conversation starters! plus, any guy that's man enough to carry a poodle in a pink shirt around deserves a chance ;)
  3. LOL!! omg that's SO true
  4. It takes a very secure man to do that ! :lol:
  5. hahaha cute story.
  6. Very cute what do you have to lose? Go on the doggie date :smile:
  7. I'm always wary of those guys.. There was this seriously creepy looking guy at one of the Mardi Gras parades two days ago who had a tiny white dog and was hitting on all of the drunk sorority girls :rolleyes:
  8. Good story! I have secretly wonder though if it was really his dog, or if he borrowed it from his friend/sister/parent/girlfriend. You never know!
  9. I have no idea if it was his dog...he sure made it seem like it was his dog. The whole pink shirt on the puppy was super cute...but the guy seemed way too inclined to start a conversation. Afterwards i was just wat a great ploy; bring ur cute little teacup poodle out on a sat to the dealership where you know they'll be lots of people!
  10. ^ picturing the doggy it does sound really adorable!!
  11. LoL...very smart! A lot of guys use dogs to attract women..we can't say no to a tiny puppy in a pink sweater. :love:
  12. hahah what a fun story!
  13. When I got my yorkie about 10 years ago, DH and I took him with us to Hilton Head. We went shopping. DH sits in a chair, like a good boy. Every woman that walked by had to love on the pup. He thought-maybe there is something to this "little dog" stuff.
  14. I've had guyfriends offer me money to "rent" my dog for the weekend so they could take him to the beach and pick up girls. :rolleyes:
  15. Yep me too LOL