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Sep 7, 2008

I know that this forum is about jeans, but maybe there are someone that can help me I am 22 years old guy from Poland and because of big difference between prices in US and Europe I want to buy good leather jacket (short, nice black plain leather without many zips, big pockets) up to 1000$. I bought Armani Jeans leather jacket from SAKS for 450$ (sale from 750$) like in picture, but I was very surprised that after week when I got it, it was little too small for me (Italian XL is like American M or little L)! Of course I sold this jacket fast, becuase it cost minimum 1000$ here... I am very unhappy, because this jacket was very nice and I would like to get similar one, but I don't know where can I get good nice leather jacket, similar to Armani Jeans one... Do you know where there are good e-shops with leather jackets like this?

Sorry for my bad english;)
Ps. I have just watched this video and

Ja Rule has awesome jacket and if you know where in US eshops something like that is available it would be very nice)



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Jan 18, 2007
Hi! Welcome to the forum :welcome:

Quite a few of us here are obsessed with leather jackets by the Italian line S.W.O.R.D. The leather is beautiful, soft and fantastic quality. All of their men's jackets are gorgeous and in your price range! You can check them out here:

They are also (as I mentioned) Italian-made and more fitted, like you are used to. I think you'll love these. I have the women's Lucca bomber and I love it very much. :love:

Hope this helps!