Little poeple, big world

  1. Anyone like this show? I love watching the Roloff family interact with each other and the challenges of being little people. They have a gorgeous farm!
  2. oh, i love this show. i especially loved the episode when they went to hawaii for a family vacation. :yes:
  3. LOVE this show!
  4. I love it also! I'm going to the Four Seasons in Maui next month and it was great getting a preview of the hotel on the show although I wish I could be staying in that suite! :smile:
  5. I love that show!!!!
  6. I love the show and that family!!
  7. I love that show! But sometimes I'm thinking to myself, 'What are they thinking?' It just seems like the parents give these insights on their kids which seem so odd. Not that they aren't true, but they just sound so odd.
  8. My favorite episodes were also the Hawaii episodes. The Maui Four Seasons is so beautiful - they did all the things I want to do the next time I go to Hawaii!
  9. I love that show-something about watching them as a family just makes me feel warm inside. And, I love Amy-I so relate to her as a wife and mother.
  10. i love them! they live a few hours away from me and when they vacation at the beach, it's cool to see my home town on tv. i think my friend took her son to their farm for pumpkin picking this year.
  11. I love this show! I liked the episodes where they went to Hawaii.
  12. I like this show too. They really seem like a very warm loving family.

  13. Amy is such a good wife and mother and Matt seems so cool and fun!

    I like Jeremy, I like Zachary and I like Molly. Jacob is kind of annoying.

    The show makes you wonder how you would accomodate a little person without embarrassing them?
  14. I recently started watching this show and now it has got a season pass on my TiVO...their lives are different from an average height person's yet so the same.
  15. I am so hooked on this show. In this season it seems like they are always doing some kind of expensive project. TLC must pay them well. I hope the kids will remember all the work that their Dad did to the farm to give them the childhood that the Dad was robbed of,due to all his illness'. I love them!