Little People...

  1. Big World! I think I've found my new favourite show! :nuts: Has anyone else watched this yet? Its addictive.
  2. they live near me!! kind of. it's the suburb i do most of my low end shopping trips (target, barnes and noble, etc.) hillsboro/beaverton OR...its weird when they go to restaurants and stuff...and their HS team used to compete in the league above us!! you can even see shots of my own town in the credits (when they're at the beach).

    i love it. the dad is a little odd sometimes though. :smile:
  3. I love that show, I saw the parents yesterday on the view.
  4. LOL that's awesome that you live near them! I think they are a cute family...the dad can be overbearing I think. You should go buy a pumpkin from them or something and get on the show! hahaha

    Their yard is crazy though, with the pirate ship, and medeival castle etc. Must be fun being kids there.
  5. I Tivo it and I love it!!!
  6. I would kill for a yard with all that stuff when I was younger. I agree, the show is addictive! To tell you the truth, I didn't think it would be that great.
  7. What's the show about?
  8. Cal, here's a description of the show from TLC's website. I've only caught it once or twice, but it's really good!

    In the most in-depth television documentation of the lives of little people, TLC cameras follow the Roloffs — an extraordinary family composed of both little and average-sized people. Over six months and for 10 hours per day, TLC captures their everyday successes and struggles. The result is an intimate view of life as a little person.
    Parents Matt and Amy Roloff are both little people — 4 feet tall — but they are determined to succeed in a world that isn’t always accepting of differences. Matt has risen through the ranks of the business world, closing deals with some of Silicon Valley’s most well-known companies. After being laid off, Matt decided to pursue his dream of owning his own business. He is also the former president of Little People of America, an advocacy group for little people and issues affecting their lives.

    Originally a stay-at-home mom but now holding down two jobs, Amy has raised four children: 15-year-old twins, Jeremy and Zach, 12-year-old Molly and 8-year-old Jacob.

    Together they own and operate Roloff Farms, a sprawling 34-acre farm in Oregon.
    The Roloffs’ accomplishments belie a hard truth: for little people, every day is a challenge. Driving a car, seeing over the counter at a bank or even making a simple trip to the grocery store can quickly become a test in a world that wasn’t made for them.
    In Little People, Big World, viewers look into the lives of the Roloffs as they face the pressure of being little in an average-sized world and the financial burdens of operating Roloff Farms.
  9. I watched one episode. I was flipping channels and came across it, and then stuck with it because it really is quite watchable.
  10. I've only seen the commercials at home, since I don't have TV at school. It looks really interesting !
  11. Never heard of it....I may just have to tivo it!
  12. I saw it for the first time last night. I really liked it and it didn't seem as phony as other reality tv shows.
  13. Totally! because I honestly don't watch trashy reality tv. I like my shows somewhat wholesome for the most part. But its an excellent show.
  14. I love this show! I Tivo it.....I don't usually watch reality shows but I watch this every week.
  15. I'm totally addicted to watching the show too! Does anyone find the "normal" twin Jeremy to be kind of bratty?