Little Paddy Keyring / Wallet 60% off

  1. I saw a little black Paddy keyring thing at Gretta Luxe in Wellesley, MA yesterday for 60% off.

    It was really cute!
  2. Do you have an email addr for this place? I found their website but no products listed online..
  3. That's a store that I have called in the past. Let's see if I can find their number or email address. The sales used to be fabulous! Okay - here is the SA I use to talk to: Britt Hackman and her number was 617-536-1959. It has been a year or so but maybe she's still there...
  4. I'm not sure if maybe that was the SA's personal number? The website lists the phone number as 781-237-7010
  5. Ooops - you are right, LYM?! I hope I haven't disturbed her privacy and that she is still working there if I have. GULP! Meanwhile, you can view the item over at the "Holiday Gift Exchange" post that I just did!
  6. OMG I want that little guy so badly :smile:
    Does anyone know what retail price is for it?
    ty for the info
  7. I'm confused, I thought I just posted but I dont' see it.

    Div, you're keyring is so cute, but that isn't the one I saw. The closest pic I could find is:

    but I thought it was more rectangular, and had a couple slots for money or biz cards.
  8. oooh I thought it was the paddington keyfob.. the one you posted is really cute though too!
  9. I'm glad you didn't buy in expecting the other!!!
  10. LYM, I'm not sure if I've been to that store, my daughter went to wellesley college and when i visited, i looked around obviously. what else if you remember does the store carry, does it carry the chloe pocketbooks also? Were there any on sale, I live on the Cape and could always sneak away on the weekend thanks in advance. mary
  11. Hi Coakley,

    You very well could have visited, it's really close to the college, right as you go into town it would have been on the right.

    They did have a few new SS08 Chloes. They had a medium gold quilted bay, a few big paddies, one was kind of a checkered non leather material, if that makes sense, and an Ada satchel,. To be honest, none of them make me swoon.

    If you want to come up this way and do a little Chloe shopping, check out the new Natick Collection stores, the Nordies and NM both have Chloe. Heck, you could hit that mall and Gretta Luxe in the same afternoon!

    Good luck