Little outlet goodies from yesterday

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  1. Believe me, if my outlet has them, they all should! My outlet doesnt always get all the good stuff - although it is getting better, not complaining!! If they do charge sends (not sure), mine is Jackson Premium outlet in Jackson, NJ. They had a few of them yesterday.
  2. I went by my local outlet today...hadn't been there since before Christmas and that's a LONG time for me. It looked like a tornado had gone through. I think 3 pieces of jewelry left in the case. Those Valentine's Day shoppers are OUT in full force!
  3. Very cute finds! Congratulations!:woohoo:
  4. Very nice! Congrats!
  5. Great stuff!
  6. congrats!!
  7. Donna - Jackson is stepping with some nice things - you gotta love that POPPY
  8. I agree! I told Rose the other day that they are definitely starting to impress me. She agreed. She said the selection really was lacking in the beginning, but now they are sending them so good boutique transfers, so yay for us!
  9. I live in Cinnamison so Jackson is much closer to me - 40 mins tops!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Oh me too. I can do Jackson in 35 min w/no traffic on Rt. 9. AC is more like 2 hours! Im in Old Bridge.
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    more poppies are turning out in the outlets now!! am planning to get a groovy :smile:
  12. Your new goodies are awesome, Enjoy!