Little outlet goodies from yesterday

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  1. I think I pretty much exhausted the stock at my outlet, lol, but I did want to pick up these two little guys to add to my Poppy collection. The wristlet is the exact match for my Glam Tote, and the wallet is just really gorgeous! I never had a purple wallet and I am loving my Poppy tartan zip-around, so I had to get this one before they were gone.

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  2. good finds! You have been getting some great stuff to add to your Poppy Collection!
  3. I love the wallet, great finds! Congrats!
  4. ohhh pretty can i get a pic of the inside of the wallet
  5. Congrat's..I'm going to be hunting a Poppy wallet for my Poppy Patent spotlight..Since I gave my dd the Patent Glam tote, she has not put it down..Never thought she'd like patent leather..Well, never thought I would either,lol...I hope my Outlet has a good deal on the Poppy patent wallets...
  6. Thanks, I love this Poppy stuff! Inch, here's a pic of the inside of the wallet, which was $94.

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  7. nice finds!
  8. Awesome!! Love the matchy matchy!! I picked up some tartan wristlets to match my tartan bags.
  9. Yup, love them! I have this set too.

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  10. Congrats on the Poppy wallets and wristlets!!!
    The Plum Patent is a very nice clolor!!! The Tartan Plaid is very cute!!!

    Enjoy them both!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  11. Do you have the style# for the Tartan wallet...Price if you don't mind..Tia:smile:
  12. Gorgeous...especially LOVE the wallet!!
  13. PRETTY additions!!
  14. I think the tartan wallet was $88, style #43395.
  15. Thank you..The hunt begins....