Little OT--About Chloe shoes

  1. Sorry that this may be a little OT but I can't find chloe shoes sub forum here.

    Does anyone have the Wooden wedge of Chloe's? Thinking about getting one but afraid it will be too hard to walk around?

    thanks thanks...
  2. I don't...but if you're a member of tFS I know someone there who does...
  3. I have the tie wedges - they take a bit of getting used to and seem a bit heavy to start with, but you get used to it. I practised wearing them around the house first before i went out in them.

    Go on, treat yourself!
  4. My SA called me cause she held two pairs for me, one is the mary-jane with t-strap in sz5 and another one is the tie one,both are black color. The good thing is they are both oN sale for 40% off.. So I asked her to send both to me cuz i am not sure about the size.
  5. wow! for 40% off I would keep both lol :biggrin:

    we never get a discount in the UK on popular chloe products :smile:

    They are easy to walk in, you just feel extra tall to begin with :biggrin:
  6. i have a pair of chole wooden wedge from the Barneys sale. i havent worn them out though but they didnt feel too heavy from walking around in the store.