Little Opinion? Dior Newbie in crisis =(

  1. Dear All lovely TPF members,

    As the title says, I am in a little crisis.

    I have always been a prada and chanel girl but last week, i went into Dior Shop out of randomness and ended up with three purchases....!! OMG I was wondering where I have been all my life .. Dior simply grown on me..

    Anyways ... One of my purchase was the Black Medium Lady Dior in Lambskin (Silver hardware). I came home and showed off this little beauty to my sister and here are her comments:

    1. Most impractical bag on earth. Can't even put 'hands' in properly.

    I heard it will soften over time. Thoughts?

    2. Lambskin is so delicate. I have to baby her like hell.

    According to my research.This doesn't seem to be the case. Thoughts?
    I was even going to go back to grab the pale yellow colour one as well. Any thoughts here?

    3. Too small for a person of my frame. Well, exact quote is : " YOU ARE TOO BIG AND FAT FOR THAT BAG"...

    Ladies, i attached my photos here too. Me and Lady Dior in different outfits. Please feel free to express your thoughts. I dont' mind at all. I prefer honest comments !! Won't be offended! hehe

    4. I have so many chanel - why buy one with same purpose.

    To me, they are totally different bag........... thoughts?

    Please let me know your thoughts!! Then i can decide what to do.... and thank you so much for your time :smile:
    20130421_110536.jpg 20130421_110258.jpg 20130421_111057.jpg 20130421_112608.jpg
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    Hehe .. just more photos for you guys to see. Sorry for such a casual looking photo! I took photos of LD as soon as I got up and throw some clothing on! haha..

    I am 26 btw - and yes, my sister said it looks 'too young' on me too !!! :sad:
    20130421_111757.jpg 20130421_111526.jpg 20130419_235611.jpg
  3. 1. Can't help you with this one as I have never owned or looked at a Lady Dior because I do think it looks like it would be hard to get in and out of it, but it is such a popular bag that it must not be too bad.

    2. I do own a lambskin Dior and I don't baby her any more than my other bags. I don't find it to be delicate, but just use normal care. I have read on here that Dior's lambskin is not as delicate as Chanel's lambskin.

    3. Your sister is insane because you are neither big, nor fat. You look like you have a beautiful figure and you look stunning with this medium LD.

    4. Totally different from Chanel...I say keep it! :tup:
  4. Agree! I seriously don't know what the issue is with your sister (sibling rivalry? Jealousy? Pure evil? Lol) but in this case, please ignore her comments. You have just got yourself an iconic and timeless Dior that you love (judging from your smile) and should just rock it. I wouldn't be surprised if several years down the road, your sis may just want to borrow your LD to go for a spin. :p
  5. Your sister isn't being very nice. Haters will be haters. :rolleyes:

  6. Thank you so much :smile: You are so kind :cool: Now i feel a lot better and will be keeping her!!!

    Thank you!! OH GOD I am waiting for the day when she asked for it like she did with my Chanel.. :biggrin:

    HAHAHAHAH Yes... I hope she's wrong though!! I'm loving Dior to bits :smile:
  7. I think this looks great on you and your sister is probably jealous. Just because it's not her style doesn't mean you shouldn't wear it. :smile:
  8. Wow you were made for this bag! You're totally rocking it with your outfits!

    I don't agree with your sister's comments, and it's not just because I'm a Dior fan. Here's why:

    1) The opening gets easier to get into, mostly because you'll get used to it. You may need to use two hands (one to widen the opening while the other reaches inside), but I use two hands all the time for all bags, even messenger bags and backpacks. So I don't see how this one is so much less functional.

    Besides, if every bag design had to be 100% functional, then we'd be wearing messengers with tons of pockets and zippers all the time, which is not always stylish.

    2) Dior lambskin is rather durable, and doesn't show scratches as easily as Chanel's. You should still be careful with it, but this goes for ALL designer leather goods, even "durable" leathers like Chanel's Caviar and LV's Epi, which can also show scratches.

    3) Over-sized bags were trendy over 5 years ago, but that has completely changed. Almost all designers have designed smaller bags with long straps. Gone are the days of large bags. Even Celine's Luggage is the most chic in the Mini, Micro, and Nano sizes.

    Besides, you don't look fat or large at all. What your sister says sounds kind of hurtful.

    4) Oh gosh then I guess every quilted bag is like Chanel, then. Obviously not. :smile: You're looking at one of the most iconic bags in the world. Do a Google search on the top ten bags ever made, and almost all sources will include the Lady Dior as one of them.
  9. Goodpost :tup:
    Agree 100%

    The bag suits you to a T! The style and the size :yes:
  10. Ed.
    Okay, my turn. :smile:
    1. Yes, you can put your hand in, and it's not impractical at all. Yes, the lambskin does give a bit with time, so it's easier and easier to access the inside.
    2. Lambskin is not delicate, and Dior lambskin is even more durable than Chanel's lambskin (and I have used mine a ton). It's not a rock, but it's not silk either. I use lambskin bags daily and I love them and they look fabulous. They develop a kind of "patina" just like sterling silver does with use and just get more lovely. Think of all those Chanel vintage bags from the 1980s...they are 99% lambskin. :smile: The light yellow is lovely, by the way, and would look great on you. You might also want to look at the Miss Dior bags as they are also beautiful.
    3. You are not fat, and the bag fits you perfectly.
    4. It's not a Chanel, it's a Dior and why not buy it? They are totally different.

    All in all, this is a totally classic lovely bag (does your sister know who the late Princess Diana of Wales was? If so, you might want to let her know she carried this bag a fact, that's why it's now called the Lady Dior in honor of Lady Diana). I don't know if it's jealousy or what, but go with how you feel, not what your sister is telling you. Dior is classic. You can wear Dior if you are 19 or 99. :smile:
  11. I think your lady dior looks lovely on you and suits you very much. This bag is so gorgeous and looks so glamourous when held in my opinion. I don't no why your sister was being mean and opinionated, but ignore her your bag is a keeper in my opinion.

    I'm the same as you, always been a chanel girl until I set eyes on Dior :hbeat:
  12. It looks great on you! Keep it!

    PS. I can't believe your sister called you fat. :o You are not fat by any means.
  13. Aww thank you so much :smile:

    YOU MADE MY DAY :love: Thank you so much. Yes , this baby will be with me for life!!

    Thank you :smile: I feel 1000000000000 times better now! was so depressed last night!! haha

    I think I'll go grab the Yellow one off the store tomorrow for sure! Yes, I will see if they have missdior in yellow. If they do, perhaps i should get that so that I have a variation. :smile:

    Thank you !! Definitely keeping her.

    hehehe totally with you re: Chanel ! Now i think i can walk pass Chanel boutique without going in for a peek! I'm totally into Dior! Quality and customer service is divine!! .... Still can't believe i walk out with three pieces from the Boutique in one go..:p
  14. Aww everyone is so lovely here! Thank you :love::love:

    Yes, my sister always asked me to lose about 5-10 kg. Not happening though... haha ..:nogood:
  15. I bought one Lady Dior, lambskin w gold hardware in Melbourne for 3700 AUD. from my own experience, I love this bag so much. Its beautiful and classic ! However, I do find its hard to put my hands or my wallets in and out of the bags !!!! That is my thought for your problem #1 I totally agree. You would need a small flat wallet rather than a long thick clutch which would not fits in!
    2- lambskin leather is soooo beautiful. It look amazing but for sure its harder to maintain and keep its shape over time like the patent leather. However, the look and quality of lambskin is so amazing and its not too glossy as patent leather which show how luxurious it is !
    3- I think the bag size looks perfect and proportional to your body frame. It is not too big for u!
    4- yep, if you have a few classic bags like Dior and Chanel, may be you should try different colors rather than black ! which brighten your wardrobe a bit more. Theres not many colors in Chanel but you def can find a lots of different beautiful colors in Dior handbags
    Hope that helps