Little Miss Sunshine

  1. I went to the premiere last night - this movie is AMAZING! One of my favorites of all time. Toni Collette is now one of my favorite actors. I highly recommend it.
  2. Oh, good!- I'm glad you recommend it-I just saw the preview and it looked like it would be really fabulous..
  3. Cool. They were handing out advance screening passes for this movie at my work so i picked one up. Looking forward to seeing it :smile:
  4. I really want to see it, it looks really cute. I made a thread about it a couple of weeks ago ;) .
  5. I saw a sneak preview of this earlier this month and it is literally crying with laughter funny. I was wiping tears out of my eyes and trying to catch my breath for most of the movie, because it just kept me laughing constantly. Steve Carell is my new comedy god. But the little girl makes it all come together at the end. ("Where's Olive?")
  6. Yay, I was hoping it was funny. I'm glad it didn't disappoint!
  7. I just saw this tonight and thought it was very funny.
  8. I saw this movie yesterday...and I loved it! One of the best that I've seen this summer.
  9. ooooh I wanna see it!
  10. I saw this movie on Sunday. One word: HILARIOUS. I was laughing so hard I almost spit my soda out on the man sitting in front of me. :lol: Even my boyfriend liked it...and I had to drag him to go see it. He was more in favor of seeing Miami Vice.
  11. You made the better choice...I saw Miami Vice and HATED it.
  12. This movie was really great. I knew I'd probably like it anyway, but it was even better than I thought it would be. I was laughing out loud, and at the end, I was laughing and crying at the same time. It was touching but not in the cliche, Hollywood tearjerker way.
  13. We saw it last night, and were not disappointed at all. Well written, directed and acted. The little girl is just so cute.
  14. Thats next on my list to see!
  15. I have a huge rave for this movie - we saw it last night and I honestly cannot remember when I have laughed so hard. I think it was the best movie I have seen in 2006. Peggy