Little Miss Matched ~ $5 Baby Sale

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  1. #2 Feb 16, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2010
    omgosh, so cute. i'll be going to a baby shower soon. perfect!

    thanks, bagachondriac!
  2. Super cute stuff and great prices!!
  3. Wow this stuff is sooo cute!! Does anyone know how anything about the quality of the fabric? Is it soft?
  4. I wish I knew what I was having!! :sad:
  5. I purchased the blanket from a like a store (gabriel brothers) that sells closet out stuff but carry name brand stuff for cheap. They had the blankets marked from $3.99 and than reduced to $1.00 so i was like i should try it. I purchased two before she was born, when she got home i used it to swaddler her with it. The fabric is kinda thick and sturdy not thin like a like a recieving blanket and they even give you instructions on how to swaddle your baby......and the colors are very vibrant not dull
  6. use code WELFREE to get some free mismatched socks. :smile:
  7. saccharine and bag, thank you so much!
    I am becoming an aunt in 3 month so I bought a bunch of stuff for my future niece. :woohoo: