Little miss Dior or not

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  1. IMG_1475120876.485104.jpg I have this on hold to be purchased tomorrow I want it but I'm
    Not sure it's worth the $3500.00 & if I'm going to get my money's worth but us so cute [emoji30][emoji30] decisions decisions
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  2. Are you unsure because of the size? If so, have you thought about the new small?
  3. I saw that bag in person a couple of weeks ago - so pretty. I think you have to ask yourself how much you will use it, if it is a long term purchase etc. I love my medium sized Lady Dior and never plan to sell her, so I felt it has staying power in my collection. Now, I also want a mini. Dallas Dior told me that the mini size is their best seller and has been the last few years.
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    My gosh this is gorgeous and exactly what I want!! Was told by my local boutique all the crystal strap bags are from the previous season and sold out.

    I'm on the hunt for a everyday lightweight crossbody bag and going back and forth between the chanel mini and mini lady dior (or the new small size which can fit more and potentially I can bring to the office so it won't be a pure "weekend bag" hmm) or celine trio -- I'm inclined to think the chanel mini or celine trio are the better crossbody options but the mini LD is just soooo cute and can fit more! Would totally bite the bullet if i saw the crystal strap version :love:

    If you love this bag, I'd say go for it because the crystal strap may not come around again!
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  5. In this case, then I highly recommend it. @BagFetish07 , You can always get the mini Lady Dior, but not with this strap. So get it before it's sold out!
  6. i think it's too small, but really depends on how many stuffs you want to put inside. difficult to get things out
  7. i love it! especially the black crystals. =) it's less flashy than the usual crystals...more understated and elegant imo.