Little Man and Chloe Paddy

  1. Has anyone gone to see this movie?

    I saw it last night w/ the BF and one of the main characters carried a fake paddy throughout the movie.

    So funny.

    I had a cream paddy before I sold it and my BF remembered.
    During the movie he leaned over and says "Is that a Chloe?"

    I cracked up. I need to stop talking about bags to him so much. I couldnt beleive that he new that.

    Anyway--I wonder why they use replica bags in movies? Is it a budget thing? Or is it against some advertising rule?

    It was a terrieble fake. But funny movie
  2. I saw that too! I think they use fake bags because it is a prop. They don't want to spend $$$ on a bag that is only used once and then disposed of. What I think is so shady is that Ebay sellers will use the line "used in a major motion picture" as a tag to sell bags as Authentic. I've seen tons of Ediths on Ebay that are sold this way. It makes me sick! ack.
  3. Yeah. That makes sense. Who would want to leave a $1000 bag unattended in a prop room :lol:
  4. wow, I cannot believe they use fakes, thats quite shocking. You would think that if they asked Chloe (or others), they would be more than willing to let them have one, as it would look so good that they would sell tons more on the back of it.
  5. The movie was funny, and YES I noticed the main character's bag. I told my husband that's my next handbag purchase, EXCEPT I want a real one...:yes: :yes:
  6. That's funny someone else has noticed they use fake bags in movies...I have some friends that are in the movie business and I guess it depends on the production company etc. but I think the bigger they are the more advertisers want in, I'm sure nothing was fake in The Devil Wears girl friend of mine that works on the sets will tell me when there's a movie that say Louis will lend out to, but it HAS to go back, no freebies!!! but I guess if the movie doesn't get loner stuff like that they really have no reason to spend the money.....I've noticed fake Louis in Mean Girls and also on Friends! I always kind of second guess myself but I'm quite sure they're fakes!
  7. I noticed the bag immediately, its goregous (well the real thing).. BTW her name is Kerry Washington.
  8. Thats funny.
  9. The movie is actually really funny. You ladies should go out and see it. :supacool: