Little LV Chuckle.

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  1. So it finally happened to me. I was at the Rack today browsing the clearance racks with my new Delightful MM... There were two girls there behind me and one told her friend that she liked my purse. The friend said "even though it is fake?" LOL. The first friend said "yeah I still like it." Ha ha. I just turned around and smiled.
  2. Wow, it's sad that so many people have turned into skeptics about LV.
  3. Don't you want to whip out the receipt sometimes?? or hand them your SA's biz card and say "go buy it where I did"... LOL!!
  4. The business card idea is a good one.:biggrin:
  5. I have to admire your restraint! I would have had to say something to them. It just kills me that some people think they can say anything they want, rude or nasty, and have absolutely no regard for how it sounds or how it makes a person feel. There's no way I could have let her get away with that remark, especially when she's dead wrong! Congratulations to you for keeping your cool.
  6. OP, You have some good resolve. I would have turned around and said something to both of the little snots.

    My favorite is when people ask where you got it, and when you reply at LV, they looked mystified.
  7. People are funny. I'm sure now that I have my Artsy, people will assume it's fake because it's less common than other styles.

  8. LOL!! exactly! That happened to me this weekend at the mall while shopping for daughter's home coming dress. I smiled and said "here at Vuitton, in this mall."
  9. well atleast the one girl liked it
  10. Well, we could always hope for the best. She may have gone home, looked on the website, found it, told her friend, and then felt awful for accusing you! Maybe I'm being too optimistic but it is a possibility because she liked it so much.
  11. I like your style! It's been said that 'insecurity brags while confidence is a silent knowing grin.'
  12. Ha ha...good laugh for today. I don't mind people thinking I am carrying a fake. I prefer that actually over the fact that they know I carry the real thing. Else the other reaction will be "gosh you are so materialistic" or "you overspend on bags". I guess it is either this or that which is rather amusing. The best thing is she must have liked your style and to even like it if you are carrying a fake. Guess it is not just about the logo but about personal style. :P
  13. dear lord i hope this never happens to me. id love to strangle someone. lol
  14. I've never understood why some people think it's okay to comment publicly in such a rude fashion. It's a shame that nobody taught those girls any manners. Nonetheless, good for you for keeping your cool and offering up a simple smile in return. Your taste in bags and your behavior both say that you have class.
  15. Ugh I hate ignorant ppl.