Little luxury in the middle of my chaotic life - reveal!

  1. My life has been going down hill for over three months now. Everything than can go wrong has gone wrong. In the middle of all this madness I decided that I needed some luxury to brighten me up in this mess that's happening around me. Haven't bought anything from LV for a long time and have had my eye on this since they released this baby.

    Anyone here for a quick reveal?
  2. Here...
  3. Yes...
  4. My BB Alma in Noir Epi Electric! I can't believe how in love I am with this bag :cloud9: Here she is also with her bigger sister Alma MM (or is it called the GM size nowadays..?) also in Noir Epi Electric. Both are also MIF's :loveeyes:

    Modeling pics of the BB Alma coming soon! :smile:
    ihana.jpg siskokset.jpg mif.jpg
  5. Sorry to hear that you've been having a rough time of it. Hope this beautiful new bag is the start of better times!
  6. Congrats, hopefully these gorgeus sisters will chear you up!
    Its getting towards winter, isnt it:sad:
    I have been eyeing the Alma BB as well:smile:
  7. Awesome Alma BB! I think about getting this one a lot. I hope it's just the ticket you need to a little happiness right now.
  8. beautiful - congrats!!
  9. oooo-la-la !!!!! Star struck ! Gorgeous. Congratulations ! Nothing like an LV to pick you up.
  10. I things will turn around for you now, lovely bag!
  11. I hope the wrong becomes right again. Congrats on the new bb! Every time I see a new Epi I remember the smell and it makes me want one.
  12. Beautiful!
  13. Oh, congrats!! Gorgeous bag! I know what I am talking about ~ we are bag twins.
    Dressed up or down, you can wear it with any outfit.
    Congrats once again!!
  14. I hope everything turns out better and congrats on your beautiful alma
  15. Alma in Epi is absolutely stunning. congrats!