Little lovely reveal

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  1. A new member of my Mulberry family
  2. how cute!!
  3. You got one! Well done, it is lovely.
  4. Awww Bine,

    That's great! So pleased you got one. The leather looks fantastic! :biggrin:
  5. Lovely little thing. What do you plan on using it for and attaching to?
  6. Mo,the leather is fantastic,so soft!
    steph,i'll use it for my keys and i think about attaching it on my roxanne.But at the moment it's next to me on the table and i'm watching it the whole morning.It's so lovely :love:
  7. Its so cute and gorgeous!
  8. Cute new member to your family :biggrin:
  9. So cute! Leather looks gorgeous!
  10. Lovely and the leather looks so soft xx
  11. I love these keyring pouches and Bine, you will find it so useful!

    I have a fuchsia one and I mostly use it for all the cards I have, that don't fit in my purse - i.e. membership cards, loyalty cards, etc. When I'm using my Lilys, I use it for my keys so that they dont scratch my purse, my inhaler and a lipgloss. Love it! :biggrin:
  12. very cute purchase!
  13. What a little sweetie!:biggrin:...
  14. That is just too cute! :biggrin: