Little *Live* Reveal !!

I remember doing the reveal for my PST and Brooch a while ago now, It's so exciting to do a Chanel reveal. I have been buying more Louis Vuitton lately.. However, I am forever Chanel !

There has been a lot of speculation about my reveal, Some people say they are being discontinued and some don't know the current prices etc. I hope that I can be of help to some of you.
So here they are...
My Chanel Double CC Crystal Earrings!! (Small size)
I purchased them from The Bond St London Boutique
I had to wait almost Two weeks to get them, They have been made very limited to get. I was lucky to get them !!
They are £140.00 + £10.00 Postage .. I don't think London post internationally !

Sorry, I couldn't get both earrings to stand properly !

Thanks for watching .. I have had loads of messages about getting these .. so feel free to ask me anything !