little, little bumps on my face!!

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  1. i have little bumps on my face.. kind of all over, they are very visiable in the sunlight, i dont know how to get rid of them!! should i use a calming lotion, or something? they're not itchy or anything just little bumps. i have going out during the day. HELP!!
  2. Hi Farah01! I suggest you see a dermatologist. Dont put or apply anything to your face unless until you consult with a dermatologist. It may get worst.

    How long have you had it? Could it be an allergic reaction? Is this the first time it happened?

  3. I too think you should consult a dermatologist. They usually know just how to clear things up.
  4. I have that too. THey're colorless itty bitty bumps scattered all over my face. My dermatologist said their microcystic acne (basically tiny acne). I also have red irritated bumps on my cheeks that also appear on my forehead sometimes....that was diagnosed as rosacea. So lucky me, I have acne AND rosacea. Yuck.

    Yeah, defininitely go see a derm!
  5. I got those all over my forehead one I bought one of those acne treatment wasn't pro-activ, I forget the name. It completely cleared it up.
  6. Ohh! This happened to me a few months back! I kept spraying Evian spray, no make up and applied ice for a few mins. It calmed down after a few days but it was horrible. They werent acne or spots, jst little bumps. My dematologist told me to replace my makeup brushes (not wach but replace) and also to be sure theyre all natural brıstles. Also try makeup like, Clinique or Clarins. They dont irritate the skin as much.

    I am allergic to so many this, but not food at all. The demotologist tod me it could be stress related (isnt that the answer to everything these days!).
  7. Go see a dermatologist! I had the same problem and they have lots of prescription creams that can help...
  8. Wow, i just got that out of nowhere myself. I am going to a dermatologist ASAP. Its soo weird i never had it.
  9. but its only on my forehead
  10. thanks guys!!
  11. hi.
    i think i have microcystic acne also. can u please tell me what ur derm recommended to you on how to get rid of it??????? THANKS!!!
  12. this is for kristydarling...
    hi, i think i can microcystic acne, can u please tell me what ur derm recommended on how to get rid of it???
  13. it used to perplex me when I would get these little bumps and then they would go away after a few days, then I realized that I was only getting them after being on vacation---sunny vacations. finally, put two and two together and figured out it was a reaction to facial sunscreen products! so, now, I only use higher end facial sunblock (like from makeup counters, lancome, etc) and never heavy ones and make sure to wash my face as soon as i get out of the sun.
  14. I had those when I used mineral makeup. As soon as I stopped they went away.
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    Consult a dermatologist it sounds like you may have had an allergic reaction to something makeup or lotion or even a food allergy. I would ask youself did you put something new on your face? Did you eat any new foods? I have food allergies and sometimes allergic reactions to certain skin products or makeup so these tend to be the questions I ask before I go to the doctor since these will be the same questions they will ask you. If it is an allergic reaction they will tell you to take benedryl and or prescribe a topical ointment for your face for the reaction.