little kids touching or picking up your handbags.

  1. I don't know if it is me. Or if it the fact that I carry on a whole patterned and Bright colored handbags. But I have had a string of little kids touchor grabbing or in the worst case to day picking up and running around with my handbags.

    Today I went and got my nails done. It was a new place I was trying out. So I was carrying my Rasta Mandeville Lamb bag. The rasta colored part is a painted coated canvas. So it can scuff if your not careful with it. When I got it knew this going in. But I am very careful with my handbags so this wasn't a big deal to me until today.

    The nail salon experience didn't start out so great. When I got there they were over booked for my appointment whatever sat in the waiting area for a few extra minutes no biggie. They also wouldn't do the mani/pedi together but they would start the mani to the deep condition treatment (ie hands inside the keep towels warm gloves) and do the pedi and let the treatment set while my pedi was being done. Sweet extra long time with the warm glove are just what my hands need from a hard week in the darkroom. Well I am sitting getting the pedi. When this little kid appears... she was maybe 6 at the most. my purse is sitting on a little step like thing to keep it from getting wet. she starts running around the place screaming and yelling and just being a noisy little kid. Her mom comes and gets her tells her to sit in this chair and she will be right back. (i think she was doing waxing or massage) So she sits her down. and f-ing disappears. the girl was in that chair for all of about 20 seconds before she was running around and making noise again. So I am closing my eyes deep breathing trying to stay calm. Because Mani/pedi time is the one time a week where i get to unwind. Kind of hard to do with a rowdy child. The little girl then picks up my purse!!! I was f-ing SHOCKED. the nail tech working on my nails and a few others and me with my feet in the water are trying to get her to come back over to us. Does she NO she is dragging my beautiful handbag on the tile floor. right before the the nail tech can get a hold of her. She trips and scrapes one of the front edges of my handbag on the tile floor. at the sounds of her kid crying the lady finely comes back from whatever she was doing. The nail tech brings the bag over. And my heart sinks. I can see as she brings it back over that there is a big white scuff on the red part of the front of the bag..

    So the lady takes her kid back with her to whatever she was doing. When She is comes back out I am getting a manicure. I say "excuse me". she says "what" in a put out tone. I said "your daughter was running around with my handbag before she fell. She has done some damage to it." The lady looked me in the eye and said "So, she's is a little kid what do you expect. When you paid to much for your handbag you took the risk that it could get ruined...." then she walked away. What would you have done? It took all of my will power to not burst into tears or run after her and beat her with my newly ruined handbag. Why do some parents think that because they have kids the rest of us have to deal with consequences of there bad behavior. If that would have been my niece. I would have gotten the lady e-mail and address sent her a check or new bag if my brother didn't. What is that teaching her kid. when i was younger If i had acted like that i would have gotten beaten with in inches of my life.
    So now only a few weeks after I got my beautiful handbag it going to be retired to the shelf of doom. Where she will hardly ever be used...
  2. I would have beat the mother with it :biggrin: Seriously, if my son would have done something like this, he would be in major trouble. I think all parents should start teaching their children to respect other peoples belongings. The worst my child will do is talk your ear off.
  3. i cant believe that! what a b*tch!!!
  4. I just hate how she wouldn't accept responsibility for her actions(not watching her daughter) and would rather blame you. I bet she was jealous she didn't have her own expensive handbag.
  5. She doesn't need to worry about you or what you spend your money on - she just needs to watch her child and not let them trash other people's stuff. I completely don't follow her train of thought - her child scratched your bag and it's somehow your fault? I guess that little *angel* can just do no wrong. :rolleyes: Jeez lady teach your kids some manners!
  6. The thing that kills me is that somehow it is my fault that my handbag is ruined even if i had my hands in big gloves and my feet in a big tub of water.

    I am neurotic about my handbags. they go on a hook or the seat next to me or the little purse shelf they never go on the floor *even carpet*

    It's comes from my aunt who has carried one LV bag for as long as i can remember and would always say LV never ever go on the floor when visiting our relatives houses she would always find a bed or a table or unused chair. it never went on the floor. She has taken such good care of it. I blame her for my purse obsession. But also for my care of my handbags. It is still beautiful and lovely to this day (it has that well loved look from years of using it almost everyday)
  7. She obviously knows she cant handle her kid and that that child is way out of control. She also has obviously NOT taught her any manners.. hence the grabbing of your bag! Seriously though if that had been me and she came at me with a comment like that.. i WOULD HAVE BEEN ALL OVER HER! Of course it would have been verbally...tee hee!:boxing::boxing::bagslap:

    And whats up with these employees not making her keep her child with her?! They should also be held accountable for that unsupervised child!
  8. I would be livid!
  9. I know right. You would think that the nail salon would be like Uh. no you take your brat with you and don't muck up our zen vibe.
  10. the mother, is an adult and should have apologized for her child and should have made her child apologize to you, then they should have offered to pay to fix your bag, or at least paid for your manicure. that way you teach the child, to respect other people's nice things. this is the "for every action there is a consequence" theory. this little episode just taught that child she can do whatever she likes. so sad, she will end up just like her mother, rude and gross.

    i guess the mother can't teach her kid manners, because she has no manners herself. how can you teach something you, yourself don't know.
    and the cycle continues....

    i'm so sorry this happen to you. i know the feeling,when you want to say something,and you end up holding it in. aww. and your poor bag!
  11. I hate people like this. Like SO MUCH.

    We weren't raised this way were we? Where is it ok to let your child destroy someone else's property? Granted, all she probably had to do was apologize profusely and take responsibility and I know I personally would have forgot the issue. But this ignorance and arrogance and flat out b*tchiness is SO uncalled for in any aspect of life. It won't get you far, and if it does, karma is a b*tch!

    Don't worry about one scratch though. I obviously know how you feel but don't let one incident and probably something that (only you) will notice. Don't punish your bag because of one bratty kid and her jerk Mom.
  12. I can't even describe how pissed I am at this woman right now and I don't even know who she is! She has some nerve to give you that "you risked it in buying an expensive bag" response...what a rude woman! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad: All I can say is I'm sorry about your poor lamb!
  13. I am trying to keep from putting her on the shelf of doom. but i've already switched my stuff back over to my speedy 30 (thank god i felt a little blue today and wanted to wear a LAMB bag.) She would have done that to my speedy I would have seriously cried on the spot. I wanted that bag for so long and just took the plunge to get her a month ago.

    Someone said that prismacolor markers could fix the scuff. so I may look into that since i have a big set of those for design stuff at work. I also may use her as a rainy day bag.
  14. You should've just punched her in the face and said "you took the risk of THAT by having a bratty kid"! :rochard:

    ...sorry, no, don't do that. That would ruin your new manicure. :p
  15. :roflmfao: