Little instant reveal & new AW12 packaging

  1. So I made a cheeky little order from .com last week... :smile:
  2. Ooh exciting! Let's see!
  3. [​IMG]
  4. [​IMG]
  5. Oh and stickers! (The writing is mirrored because I had to flip the photo so it wasn't upside down!)
  6. a lovely pop of colour- you wont lose that in your bag!! Love these- so practical- congrats and enjoy!!
  7. Another cosmetic pouch in pink reveal! Congrats, so nice and will add a nice pop of colour in your purse. Love the new packaging too.
  8. It would be very difficult to lose something this vibrant! Thanks :biggrin:
  9. Oh, I love this! What a gorgeous colour!
    What are you planning to use it for?
  10. It's gorgeous. Fab colour. Congrats.
  11. I saw the other thread about an hour after I ordered it and it just made me even more impatient for it to arrive!

    I had a Lulu Guinness zipped top pouch that my mum very kindly bought me for xmas that was full of random handbag stuff like mints/nail file/tissues/painkillers/plasters but unfortunately the zip is knackered on it, so this will be the replacement. When my old one broke, I took it as a sign I should get this one :biggrin:

    It is :love: thank you :biggrin:
  12. Lovely - brightened my day for sure!....and I just adore those Yetis!!!:smile:
  13. cute packaging, extras and item! :smile:
  14. Wow! Love that colour! Congrats :biggrin:
  15. Me too! :smile:

    I love the extras too, they sent 3 sheets of stickers!

    Thank you! :biggrin: