Little in the Middle Jeans?

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  1. Just came across these in a magazine and intrigued by the idea. One size smaller on your waist and one size bigger in the hips. Does anyone own a pair of these or has anyone tried a pair on?? I am curious to know what people think of them before I try to track a pair down.
  2. I would love to know too!
  3. Wow...

    I wish they had more skinny styles...also that they were available in NYC. I will check them out when they are :smile:
  4. My sister and I bought a pair @ Shecky's Girls Night Out in Miami a few years back. They only had a few flare styles back then but they really did fit great! My sis & I are fraternal twins with completely opposite shapes-she's very curvy & I'm more straight up and down. I got their smallest size (the sizing is weird) and my sis got 2 sizes bigger. We actually sold them Saturday @ our yard sale and the ladies who bought them were ecstatic! :smile:

    BTW I usually wear between 27-29 in designer jeans.
  5. Little in the Middle has there new styles at True Boutique in NYC. 278 Mott Street, NYC | 212.431.7709. Go take a look!!
  6. Outta NYC for the moment, but I will be back next week! I will check them out :smile:
  7. I might have to take the plunge and get a pair online. The idea sounds great, I just wonder if they translate well into real life.
  8. This is perfect for my mom! She's been looking for the perfect pair of jeans for a long time. She's got a big booty, but a tiny waist. Hopefully these fit well!
  9. these jeans are, hands down, the best jeans ever! Especially if you have a little extra junk in the trunk. The waist is just right so there is no more pulling up your pants after an hour of wearing them. I don't even need to wear a belt. If you are willing to spend the $$$, you will be happy you did!