Little House On The Prairie

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  1. i can't believe there's no thread on LHOTP yet.

    even though it is such an old show, i think it's one of those timeless ones that you could watch over and over.

    i remember when i was little, i found it quite boring and couldn't bring myself to watch it, but now, i am so in love with it! ;) i am planning on ordering all the seasons on amazon.

    so what are you thoughts on this tv classic? :smile:
  2. Little House. I have seen all the episodes over and over again.
    Enjoy watching the episodes and get to know all the characters and story-lines!
  3. I LOVE Little House... both the books and the show.

    Ironically, it's actually on right now on The Hallmark Channel.
  4. To be honest, I have never watched Little House on the Prairie!! :nuts: :shame:

    I will have to see if it's on Hulu. It comes on TV everyday here in Germany, but I don't like the synchronised versions of shows. Everybody always sounds like Mickey Mouse. LOL!

    I'm just now getting into The Dick Van Dyke show. LOVE these old shows!
  5. Love Little House! I think I know every episode by heart.
  6. I have all the episodes on dvd.

    collected the seasons 1 by 1..... and i love this show. It really is so timeless... and every episode ends on such an uplifting note.
  7. One of my husbands dirty little secrets is.....he loves little house.

    Who didn't love Harriet's antics or thought Almanzo was hot. One of my favorite seasons was when Almanzo was courting Laura.

    Kleenex worthy episodes - The one where Pa finds out Albert has an incurable blood disorder and has a short time to live. Albert decides he want to live his final days in Walnut Grove then falls in love with a childhood friend. That final climb up the mountain with Albert, Laura and the children did me in. I cried like a baby.
  8. Me too!

    Oh goodness that is unforgettable!

    I love Little House! I grew up watching this show and still watch it on the Hallmark channel now.
  9. I love nasty Nellie Olsen. My son just finished all the books, I made him read them over the summer so no one would tease him but he really enjoyed them and just told the whole class that he read it.
  10. i can't believe they killed off albert. he was such a handsome guy. hehe. :P
  11. You really don't really know if he passed away as the show ends with Laura and Albert making it to the tree and held hands :crybaby:. If I recall, or maybe I'm dreaming this but doesn't Laura say at the end of the show that Albert went back to Walnut Grove and became a doctor?
  12. I think they had conflicting endings for Albert. In an earlier show, they said he became a doctor. Then at the end of the series they killed him off- leukemia, I believe.

    Albert went through a lot! Remember when he became a morphine addict?
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!!....... I LOVE this show and I'm in my 20's..... I've been watchin' since I was a teen..... my mom got me into this show..... I LOVE Mrs. Olsen.... and Nellie Olsen.... they were the original Queen B*tches of Television..... lol....
  14. Yeah I hated that.... they killed off lil' Albert.... I had no idea what he died from..... and they killed off Mrs. Garvey.... after that Mr. Garvey and Andy moved out of Walnut Grove.... I hated that too....
  15. I didn't watch it or read the books as a kid, and amazingly, I grew up only about 30 miles from Walnut Grove!!! Used to pass over Plum Creek on my way to and from college!