Little help for the PurseBlog Birkin Price Guide!

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  1. Hi ladies and gents!

    Some of you guys might not know me, but I'm Amanda, and I work for Megs and Vlad at PurseBlog. We're trying to put together a pricing reference for Birkins, and as you guys are well aware, that information can be a little tricky to find and verify. Because we want it to be as accurate as possible, Megs thought it would be a good idea to see if you guys can fill in some gaps that we're having a hard time with. (We've already looked at the global prices thread and at the other popular resources online--don't worry, I'm not here to waste your time!)

    We're trying to put together the prices for all sizes in clemence, togo and epsom in USD. Here's what we have so far:

    25 - $9,400
    30 - $10,900
    35 - $11,900
    40 - $13,200

    25 - $9,400
    30 - $10,800
    35 -
    40 - $13,200

    25 - $9,250
    30 - $10,800
    35 -
    40 - $12,900

    If anyone knows the two prices we're missing, please let us know! We don't want to provide any inaccurate information. (And if any of the other prices look wrong to you, please let me know that as well!)
  2. Hi Amanda, the prices for Birkin 30 Togo and Epsom are incorrect. It is $10,900 for Togo and $10,800 for Epsom. Hope that helps.
  3. It does help--thank you!
  4. Birkin 35 in togo is $11,900
  5. Amanda, the price of togo and clemence is the same.
  6. Hello, just saw your article on purse blog. The price for b30 in Japan was posted by me. I have the original receipt if you need to validate! yen 1,260,000 is correct!

  7. +1
    Same price for Birkin 35 in Clemence