Little H story from the past weekend


Apr 29, 2006
I wanted to share something funny that happened to a friend of mine this weekend.

This guy is my best friend and lives outside the country, so whenever he's around to visit the family, we arrange a meeting in Madrid so we can have some sushi and go for nice shopping.

We've been doing this for more than a year, and whenever we meet I take my friend to my favorite shop: Hermes!!
My friend has great taste for many things, such as furniture, art, music, food, etc, so I always enjoyed telling him as many details as I could on each of the Hermes pieces we admired together at the shop.

I love to tell him about the different leathers, the name of each bag, the quality, the bracelets, etc. He pays a lot of attention and used to ask questions on workmanship or availability of the things he liked. Up to now, he just listened to me with attention.

But on our last visit, he completely turned into the orange side! :yahoo:

As soon as we entered in the shop, he asked me if this or that bracelet would look ok in a man. He tried on at least 10 bracelets!!! Finally he chose 3 of them.

Then we moved on to the bags display. He tried himself a HAC and loved it :rolleyes:
After toting a few bags around the shop, we moved on to the RTW. Another love story!
My friend fell in love with the quality of the fabrics and the design.

So after a long time, he ended up buying 2 leather bracelets, an enamel bracelet, a nice shirt, a quilted jacket, a bearn key holder and a Constance belt!

I could not take pics of all his items as I didn't have the camera with me, but he was so so enthusiastic about Hermes that I couldn't help but laughing. We visited many shops after Hermes but he despised everything else! He asked me "how can you take me to LV after Hermes? This bags and clothes cannot compare to Hermes; I don't have to look twice to notice that the quality of everything is not comparable to Hermes".

I had a good laugh.

I didn't plan to tell this little story but I almost fainted today when he sent me an email asking for Croc HACS!!! Now he's looking for one and is asking me about prices, availability and if it would be "too much" for a guy to match the HAC with a croc belt.

I have never seen anyone turning orange so fast! :roflmfao:


Resistance is Futile
Apr 8, 2006
Now THIS made me smile this morning!!!!! WOOHOO!!!!


Apr 29, 2006
Yes I know, I've created a monster!

Tomorrow he'll visit the H shop in Amsterdam to ask for Croc Hacs...


Ahh Money Penny...
Aug 23, 2007
I love it! Now any shopping you'll do will be a great adventure for you both! (now why can't I have a friend like that?)


Howz that ban?
Nov 6, 2006
What a wonderful way to start my day! I love hearing about people falling in love with "H"! Congrats to your friend and lucky you to have a new shopping partner!


Aug 22, 2007
When he already have such great taste on many things of course he'd love hermes and he definitely want a croc HAC to match with the croc belt. He doesn't only has lots of money but surely has great taste.:tup::heart::flowers::smile: