Little Goodie. Yellow Epi Poche 15 *pix*

  1. everyone loves small accessories. so here it is. my tiny little poche 15 in yellow epi. *my very favorite epi color* the datecode says it's from 1996 and i don't think it's ever been touched. not a spec inside or the smallest rub/chip on the zipper. i love it! fit's my cellphone and a few small goodies.


  2. [​IMG]
  3. WOW. It's in excellent condition. Lucky you, congrats! : )
  4. Cute!! Congrats!!
  5. Wow! it's really gorgeous and new :yes:
    Yellow is my Fav color too :yahoo:
  6. Very pretty. I'm not a fan of yellow, but when I saw epi yellow (and the contrast with purple lining), I fell in love! Congrats!
  7. Very nice:heart:
  8. I love the yellow & purple! It looks like it's in great condition.
  9. I love it! The yellow and contrasting purple interior is so pretty!
  10. Very cute! Congrats!
  11. Love it! Congrats!
  12. Congrats!!!
  13. WOW! I :heart: the color! Congrats!
  14. very pyrple lining, congrats!!
  15. wow never saw this cute....i want :love: